Reconnecting with the Sidhe

September 4, 2019

Since John Matthews came into contact with a representative of the sidhe in an ancient underground site in Ireland, they have been emerging as key allies for us at this time of transition for our species.


‘Sidhe’ (pronounced ‘shee’) is a word the ancient celts used to describe a race of faery people living in the Earth, parallel to our own realm, but different. Sometimes they are also called ‘elves’, ‘huldra people’ or ‘the good neighbours’ just to mention a few names.

The sidhe are our human cousins, both of us having emerged from a common ancestor. They did not enter dense physicality as deeply as we did, however, remaining in a parallel realm. They are different from angels, devas and nature spirits. They are in fact our closest relatives. At some point in the ancient past our two branches separated from each other, with many world mythologies alluding to a war or conflict between sidhe and humans. Although we humans recently have turned them into fable creatures or figments of our imagination, they are real, existing beings, resembling us in many ways – yet also entirely different.


Allies in restoring wholeness to the world

The restoration of sidhe-human relations changes us, but also much more. Because they are closely related to us, we can connect with each other deeply and in some ways easily. Also, because of their subtle nature, a reunion with them can help us enter a greater state of wholeness, connected with all Earth’s dimensions, subtle and physical. We can discover our latent sidhe nature and they can start unfolding their seeds of humanity.

For those of us seeking to move beyond separation into a new human identity that enhances all life on Earth, the sidhe have much to share.


Inviting the sidhe for tea

There are innumerable ways of inviting the sidhe to connect with you. Here is an ultra-simple and powerful exercise.

Imagine that you invite the sidhe to experience your human nature and world. Simply open within and invite them to experience you and your world by using you as a gateway. Greet them in a friendly way and let them know that right now you are holding an open house event for them. Be aware that they may look through your eyes, listen with your ears, experience with your body, psyche and mind and be a guest in your dimension. It’s all a matter of gentle neighbourship. It’s not channeling. It’s not an extraordinary message from them you seek. It is simply and plainly offering hospitality. It is a natural ‘getting acquainted’ initiative.

You invite friendly guests to visit you through your being. Just stay open for a period you decide. It may be an hour, or it may be a day – open house! Your intention is a great attractor. There will be a response if you are sincere. Maybe you will not register anything special. And yet – perhaps you will discover surprising things.

Remember, most new relationships are not about exotic things. It is simply a being together, sharing daily things over a cup of tea or coffee. Invite your sidhe-relatives for a cup. Take it from there and see what comes up, or how it affects you. Be yourself and be gentle. Open house!


Find out more 

The Findhorn Foundation is hosting Soren Hauge and Sussie Liscinia Nielsone from Denmark for a 3 day event ‘Shaping our New Future with the Sidhe’ from 19-22 October 2019.
For more information, visit

Posted by: Leah Russell


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