The New Paradigm of Conscious Love

July 26, 2019

by Priska Baumann


Relationships haven’t always been about love. In the past, relationships and marriages have been a product of power, safety and survival. Luckily, much of humanity has grown past the dark ages, and has evolved into relationships focused on love, personal growth and spiritual alignment. This is the age of the New Paradigm of Conscious Love.


Conscious love is more than butterflies, smiles, and promising each other forever. Instead, it’s a deep commitment to yourself and the other person to continually grow, evolve, and get into deeper alignment with Spirit to become the greater version of yourself – while holding your partner in unconditional love as they also process and evolve.

The keys to this process are faith, grace, understanding, patience, respect, and communication – which can be much easier said than given. That’s why in this article, you’re going to learn the aspects of conscious love in this new paradigm, and how they are healthily expressed.



Truth: no matter how hard you’ve been working on yourself, when you are in a love relationship, your partner will eventually trigger old, unresolved stuff you couldn’t reach on your own. This is the number one reason that many relationships end after the first burst of infatuation.

Most people expect a relationship to feel good all the time – that true love must mean an end to all experiences of loneliness, sadness, fear or negativity. Conscious couples know differently. Conscious love is not supposed to be easy.

Conscious partners are aware that their significant other serves as a mirror to discover the wounds within themselves that need attention. Partners therefore stay present – even when it’s hard and it stretches their comfort zones – so they can burn away the patterns, beliefs, and pains of the past that don’t serve them any more. They know that embracing these shadows opens the door to more alignment, fulfillment and enlightenment.


Everyone Takes Responsibility

Both partners own 100% responsibility for their words, actions, thoughts and feelings in a conscious relationship.

Conscious partners don’t blame each other when feelings of unhappiness or unfulfillment sprout up. Instead, each partner understands they have a responsibility to create their own happiness, and they communicate their needs to their partner if something needs to shift in the relationship.

Conscious lovers know that they are the designers of their realities. Therefore they will never make their partner feel bad about their pain from the past, nor keep projecting their stuff onto the other.

Of course, there may be an urge to point the finger at the other person from time to time (hey, we’re still only human!), but a conscious lover is aware of these dynamics and will take a step back to take over responsibility quickly, genuinely apologize and look for resolutions to avoid repeating the same issue twice. Both lovers are equally present in the relationship and lean into their commitment when things are excellent, as well as when get challenging.


A Conscious Love Relationship Is An Entity

Conscious partners are aware of the fact that their relationship is an energy that they are responsible for, and they will make it a priority to nurture, co-create, and take care of it together at all times. Partners will feed it with love, attention, time and energy in whatever form it requires – much like having a human child without the diapers, screaming and rattles.

A conscious relationship only thrives when its needs and wants are being nourished and cared for, as well as the individual desires of the partners themselves. Every relationship is different in its desire to be expressed and nurtured. While one might need more time and attention, another is thirsty for lightness, play, in-depth conversations or quality time.

Here’s an example: when you need more safety, your partner needs more validation, and your relationship needs more laughter and playfulness, you can tend to all three of the wishes by going to one of your favorite places (safety) where you can play a game like 21 questions (laughter and playfulness) that allows you to express what’s special about your partner (validation).

It’s crucial for the partners to regularly check in on their individual needs, the needs of their partner and the needs of the relationship itself, because these needs can shift often and quickly.


All Feelings Are Welcome

Conscious relationships are a process that increases each partners’ capacity to love and be loved, to contribute to their own growth, and to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of their partner.

For the relationship to last, you have to add more depth, intimacy, vulnerability and shadow work to our traditional idea of romance. This means opening your heart and mind to host a whole palette of emotions that you may want to suppress to avoid things that could be painful.

A conscious relationship welcomes all of your emotions and creates a safe space for any process that needs to take place. There is no censoring happening as both partners are equally allowed to be fully themselves. Both lovers create this vessel of compassion for each other.
It’s not always a walk in the park, and chances are good that both partners will trigger each other at some point.

If these triggers are very powerful, it might be wise to reach out for external support, such as a professional expert. Part of being in a conscious relationship is a dedication to finding solutions together, and sometimes that means asking for help.


Love Serves A Higher Purpose

Conscious love relationships are hard work. They require perseverance and commitment, but walking this sacred path comes with rich rewards. To love and be loved in an unconditional, conscious way is one of the most beautiful experiences. While it can be a rocky path to walk, there are always honeymoons for the two conscious lovers in this process. These miracles will remind them why it is so important to proceed with this sacred work in union.

Conscious love will not only help you feel fulfilled, seen, and wholly loved for who you are, but the collective consciousness will raise its vibration in response to your raised vibration. As above, so below.


About the author


Priska Baumann is an actress, reiki master and life coach guiding women who have found success in their career to finding, keeping and deepening the love of their life. Using her more than 7 years of experience in communication, relationships and spirituality, Priska helps successful single women end patterns of romance sabotage so they can have a conscious, empowered love relationship that stands the test of time.
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