Here Come the Eclipses…

July 4, 2019

by Yasmin Boland



Living intentionally and consciously makes everything easier. For this reason alone, taking a moment to connect with yourself during this current eclipse season (from July 2 to July 16) is highly recommended.


Can you feel the eclipses?

We are at the very start of July now and the eclipse season has arrived, starting on July 2nd and continuing until the 16th. But I have to say, I have been feeling the July eclipses coming since at least the last week or so of June. The energies are swirling, that’s for sure. 

To start things off, we’re talking about a New Moon eclipse opposite Saturn and Pluto. Hang on to your hats! Two weeks after that, we will get the Full Moon eclipse. For my money, Full Moon eclipses are a bit harder to handle than New Moon eclipses, for the simple fact that New Moon eclipses are about beginnings, whereas Full Moon eclipses are more about endings we must have.

So, what about these eclipses? Are they really worth all the time and energy we astrologers give them?

Short answer; yes. Definitely.

Before I was an astrologer, I went through eclipses and quite simply felt really weird. How do I know this? After I started to learn astrology, I went back over past eclipses to see how I was feeling at the time. At the period where I was first learning about all this, the eclipses were taking place around Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so it was easy enough for me look back and see. And I did feel REALLY weird.  Suddenly, it made sense that on what was usually my favourite time of the year, I’d been feeling strange, sitting at home with a ball of tension in my heart (that particular eclipse had hit my chart pretty hard..!)

I also thought back over key points further back in my life, and again I could see how eclipse energies had played out. Usually, they came with some kind of emotional spike or an event.

The thing with eclipses is that they are, in some ways, wild-cards. A bit like with the planet of chaos, Uranus, you need to expect the unexpected to a certain extent. What I know for sure is that if you’re fighting against something which is for your highest good, chances are it’s going to happen now anyway.

My most intense eclipse experience ever was a Lunar Eclipse on my Sun while Saturn went over my Venus – I had the most severe relationship and break-up ever. It was coming up to two decades ago now, but I still remember it so clearly! It literally changed my life for the better. I remember watching my horoscope chart with awe as the eclipse energies lit it up and events played out. Text book astrology. 

They say that what happens at the time of an eclipse can be tough, but it always works out for your highest good. 

So, as we move into this new eclipse season, be open to change, think about the directions you would like to go in, try and gain clarity in your intentions. Not knowing what you want makes it really hard to manifest anything – I know this from personal experience too! The more clarity you have, the better. Then ask the Divine to help you to manifest your highest good. 

If you find this post after July 3 but before July 16, don’t panic! There is still time to do all your Moon work. For a start, if it’s before July 16, we are still in the waxing cycle of the Moon, so it’s still a great time to set your intentions and make your wishes – they just won’t be New Moon wishes, per se. The New Moon is the best time to set intentions, but any time in the waxing cycle (from New Moon to Full Moon) is second best and still very powerful.

Once we get to the Full Moon, it’s time to surrender. Does that mean give up? Of course not! If you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while now you will already know this, but for anyone who is new to it, surrender means opening up to the idea that the Divine has the best plans. So while it’s good to come up with ideas, it’s also good to surrender it all at least once a month, at the time of the Full Moon when all our emotions come to the surface. 

This Full Moon actually takes place just past the South Node/Pluto/Saturn line-up, which is a beautiful symbol in many ways that a lot of the work is now done – the work we are all doing on one level or another, in terms of being the best person we can be, trying to evolve, and consciously creating our lives. 

As the wonderful medium Laura Day reminded me a few months ago. We surrender to the Divine, but we ARE the Divine! 

You can find out all the times of the New and Full Moon eclipses this month hereFull Moon eclipses in particular come in and release our grip on whatever our soul needs to us let go for our own highest good. Living intentionally and consciously makes everything easier. For this reason alone, taking a moment to connect with yourself during eclipse season in general, to at least do a ‘check-in’, is highly recommended! Just meditate, chant, or do whatever Spirit moves you to do, but connect with your Higher Self and the heavenly realms that guide us all.

Wishing you all the best for an amazing eclipse!


About the author

Yasmin Boland is an astrologer and moonologer who accesses Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the law of attraction, meditation, sacred, teachings, chakras, angels and more using moonology and astrology as a sort of sacred mala. Yasmin’s books Moonology, Astrology Made Easy and Angel Astrology 101 have all been published with Hay House, become best-sellers in their categories and been translated into several languages.
Yasmin will be doing New and Full Moon eclipse ceremonies on the Hay House Facebook page this July.

Posted by: Leah Russell


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