The Unique Benefits of Sound Healing

July 3, 2019

by Tallulah Rendall


Have you ever considered sound healing as an antidote to everyday stressors? Sound therapist, songstress and qi gong teacher Tallulah Rendall shares seven ways sound healing could make a positive difference in your life.


Living in an age of ever-increasing pace, electromagnetic radiation and subsequent stress on our nervous system, sound healing is a powerful tool and antidote.


It is often in those moments when we feel we don’t have time to integrate wellbeing practices into our day that we need them most. Activities like meditation, yoga, qi gong and sound bath meditations all resource us by relaxing our nervous system, and tests have shown that the more time we spend with our parasympathetic nervous system engaged, the healthier and happier we are.

Here are the top seven benefits sound healing can bring to your life.



Participants experience a deep sense of relaxation as the parasympathetic nervous system becomes engaged, enabling self-healing to occur. People suffering from insomnia or disruptive sleep patterning have experienced immediate improvements after just one of these sessions.


Circulation and Immunity

The relaxation experienced enables the body to enjoy a period of resourcing and rejuvenation, which in turn encourages circulation and supports the immune system. Issues with circulation is a root cause of many other issues in our bodies, meaning an increased blood flow is key to wellness.


Stress Reduction

As relaxation of the nervous system begins, participants experience their busy minds quietening down. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, an oncologist and assistant clinical professor at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College in New York, uses singing bowls with his cancer patients specifically for this reason.



As participants move through these layers of relaxation, release and rejuvenation, many open to a new level of self-awareness. This supports a better understanding of the body’s response to situations, enabling us to make better choices on how to live happier, healthier lives.


Emotional Release

Emotional healing can occur through the release of tears and feelings of joy or ecstasy resulting from the sound and vibration, as well as from feeling safe and cared for. This is extremely supportive for those suffering from depression or anxiety.


Creative Expression

As participants’ self-awareness and confidence grow, many begin to experience a deeper connection to their own creative expression. Many clients have begun learning instruments or are now singing in choirs.



Many of us hold anxiety around our singing voices, so encouraging people to sing or experience singing in harmony can bring an enormous sense of wellbeing. These feelings relate to the release of endorphins or oxytocin that happens when we sing.



About the author

Tallulah Rendall is a singer-songwriter, sound therapist and qi gong teacher who seamlessly weaves the worlds of sound healing and rock n’roll into a potent, anthemic blend. Originally from London, in recent years she’s moved between Bristol and Berlin, before recently relocating to Frome in Somerset. Her fourth album ‘The Liminal’ is available now on iTunes and Amazon. The video for her new single Holding onto Love: Be the Change, which calls to prevent plastic pollution, is available now at
For more information about the album, Tallulah’s Harmonia sound healing workshops and meditation CDs, visit:

Posted by: Leah Russell


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