Seven Ways to Embrace Your Inner Fairy

June 7, 2019

by Karen Kay 


Do you believe in fairies?

A recent online survey from the University of Virginia found that 44% of British people have seen fairies at some point in their lives.

However, it might surprise you to learn that this number is far lower in the modern era than it has been in the past. Where an abundance of people of Britain and Europe at the start of the 20th century believed in and had a real respect for the fae (there are hundreds of words for fairies, but all refer to these magical protectors of the earth), it seems that less and less people are believing in fairies – causing the fae to show themselves to less and less people.

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to see the fae for yourself or not so far, it’s easy for everyone to invite a little fairy energy into their lives. Who knows what you might see with the right tools?



It’s said that seeing is believing, but what if the opposite is true and we need to believe before we can see? We know love exists but can only feel rather than see it, and often don’t feel it at all if we don’t believe. Perhaps the same could be true for fairies. Think about it and open your heart to the possibility that fairies could and do exist.


Open your heart

An open heart is the best way to embrace your inner (and outer) fairy. When our hearts are open we have the ability to be more trusting and open to the possibility that fairies are real!


Be grateful

Gratitude is a wonderful way to connect with your inner fairy. Wake each day and count your blessings. Even when things are not going so great, there will pretty much always be something you can be grateful for.



Yes, you read that right! The way to a fairy’s heart is to show them that you care for the planet as much as they do. So, if you’re walking down the street and you see a discarded crisp packet, just pick it up and pop it in a recycling bin. It’s such a simple gesture that can have a far-reaching effect for both fae and humans.



Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with your inner fae.  Find a beautiful place where you will not be disturbed – ideally outside in nature, though inside is fine too. Then, close your eyes and invite the fairies to give you a sign. Be receptive to the subtle signs you may receive.


Plant a fairy garden

If you live in a high-rise flat or don’t have access to a garden, a window box will also suffice! As you plant the seeds, invite the fairies to help the flowers grow. Leaving a fairy or gnome figurine will also be seen as a sign to the fairies that they are welcome.


Attend a fairy celebration

Attend a fairy party or a festival, like the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival which is held at the magical time of the summer solstice in Cornwall at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park near Plymouth. Fairies like nothing better than a good celebration! So put on your fairy wings finery, make a wand from a fallen branch or twig from a tree, and visit a real-life fairyland with hundreds of like-minded others in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


About the author

Karen Kay is the author of Oracle of the Fairies to be published by Hay House on 1st October 2019. She founded Faeries and Enchantment (FAE) magazine, and the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival – A family friendly niche gathering with fairies as the focus.
The 3 Wishes Fairy Festival takes place from 21st to 23rd June at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Cornwall. Visit for more details.
The Oracle of the Fairies can be pre-ordered on Amazon.
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Posted by: Leah Russell