Messages from Water

May 20, 2019

Water teaches us love and gratitude and makes the world a peaceful and harmonious place says Michiko Hayashi, Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project.
This feature was originally published in Kindred Spirit magazine issue 164 (May/Jun 2019).


Dr. Emoto conducted extensive water research. After taking tens of thousands of water crystal photographs, he discovered that when water is exposed to positive, beautiful words, thoughts, music and vibrations, it creates beautiful, hexagonal crystalline structures. On the other hand, when water is exposed to negative, ugly or destructive words, thoughts, music and vibrations, it does not make these beautiful crystalline structures; instead, it forms ugly shapes.


Water crystal after exposure to the words ‘Love and Gratitude’


As Dr. Emoto always said, ‘Everything is Hado’ (or vibration). Water crystals show visually whether there is good Hado or vibration, or not. Our eyes are limited in what we can see, and Hado has such subtle energy that our eyes cannot see. However, water is absorbing every Hado/vibration; it makes crystal formations accordingly.

Dr. Emoto would take frozen water crystal photos from the tap waters from many different cities around the world, as well as natural waters. He discovered that tap waters in major cities do not make hexagonal water crystals; however, natural waters make brilliant beautiful crystals. This means that the information in tap waters is of a low vibration, and is not good – that is why water cannot form hexagonal crystals at the molecular level in many city tap waters.


How Does Water Respond to Our Words?

How does water respond to different words we use daily? How does it respond to our thoughts and emotions? Many people today know that negative emotions create diseases. We can see how that happens by looking at water crystal photos. When we think that we are made up of 70 percent water, and if water molecules in our physical body are not in harmony, we will then begin to have problems.

Water responds beautifully to positive thoughts and words, making beautiful hexagonal crystals. We cannot even imagine how many water molecules there are in our physical body and they all radiate so brilliantly when we are positive. Because we are energetic beings, our energy affects everything around us, ie, family, friends, nature, animals, plants, insects, etc. Beautiful energy creates beautiful self and environment. Our energy is not only creating everything physical around us, but it also creates our life, our reality.


‘Love and Gratitude’

Dr. Emoto learned that the most beautiful crystal that water made was after it was exposed to the words ‘Love and Gratitude’. Water responded so beautifully to ‘Love and Gratitude’ at the molecule level, that those two words together create the most beautiful energy. Dr. Emoto’s most important teaching is that, by learning from water, and because we and planet earth are almost all water, if we all live in love and gratitude, everyone will be healthy and happy – the whole world will become a harmonious and peaceful place.

Dr. Emoto’s research showed that water has memory and carries information. His research is now being verified by many famous scientists around the world. I truly wish Dr. Emoto was physically alive now, so he could see how his discovery of 20 years ago was advanced science, and how his theories and research are now becoming mainstream.


Water crystals after exposure to 1. Blessing prayer to Fujiwara Dam; 2. ‘You Fool!’; 3. ‘Thank You’


‘Emoto Peace Project’

In 2005, Dr. Emoto first announced at the United Nations’ Headquarters in New York that he would distribute 650 million copies of his children’s book, The Message from Water, around the world to teach people, and especially children, the valuable lessons of love and gratitude.

Once children learned this lesson, he hoped that people who learn it would naturally make the world a peaceful place. This was the beginning of the Emoto Peace Project – which is now registered as a non-profit children’s charity. The Emoto Peace Project was Dr. Emoto’s life mission.

The children’s book contains the pictures of many water crystals after being exposed to different words, music, pictures, and intentions. With these pictures, it is easy and fun for children to learn about the power of words, thoughts, and the beauty of Love and Gratitude. With these lessons, children will hopefully make the world a harmonious place in ten to 20 years.


Dr. Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese water researcher, was successful in taking frozen water crystal photographs in 1994 for the first time and discovered that water has memory and carries information. I started to work as his personal assistant in April 2004 and worked until October 2014 when he passed away. His book, The Hidden Messages in Water, was one of the New York Times bestsellers. Dr. Emoto’s amazing discovery is that water is deeply connected with our individual and collective consciousness. Because both the human body and this Earth are about 70% water, it is essential that we all learn about water and how it is connected with our thoughts and words.

Dr. Emoto traveled around the world and gave more than 1,000 lectures in over 70 countries; with this, he helped created a mass awakening in humanity. He was one of the world’s most spiritual people. After his transition, Michiko Hayashi is carrying on his work as the Ambassador/Global Director of Emoto Peace Project, as it was his long-time wish for her to continue his work. She spent more than 10 years with Dr. Emoto, and learned directly from him. Now she travels around the world to give her presentations on Dr. Emoto’s discovery, The Message from Water and the Emoto Peace Project, as well as continuing to distribute the children’s books. The book is now translated into 34 languages, and continues to spread, with the hope that the world will become a harmonious and peaceful place when children and people realize that our words and thoughts can help create a beautiful planet.


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Michiko Hayashi is giving a free presentation and signing copies of The Emoto Peace Project’s children’s book, The Message from Water, at Watkins Books, 19 Cecil Court, London on Thursday, 20 June from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

Posted by: Leah Russell