Communication from Angels: What it Means When You Keep Seeing the Same Numbers

November 7, 2018

You wake up in the middle of the night and look at your alarm clock which is flashing brightly with the numbers 2:22. You grab a coffee in the morning, and as you look down at the receipt you see that it cost you £2.22. You are sitting in traffic, and your wandering eye is caught by a billboard and you notice that the phone number listed ends in 222. All these occurrences give you an uncanny sense of coincidence, and you feel in your gut that they are significant in some way.

It is likely that these numbers are indeed significant. They may be Angel Numbers, which are basically messages from the spiritual plane.

In many belief systems Angels, and other spiritual entities known by different names, that dwell in the spiritual plane, accompany us through life and support us through our challenges and help us to fulfil our life purpose. With the exception of those with strong psychic abilities or spiritual awareness, Angels cannot communicate with humans, as most of us have built up filters around ourselves which prevent us from clearly sensing the spiritual plane. But Angels can communicate with us indirectly, ´nudging´ us, drawing our attention to signs. As well as drawing our attention to numbers, Angels may nudge you to notice certain smells or songs that evoke certain thoughts or memories, or introduce you to people who look like important people in your life, or share some name or characteristic with them, bringing this person to the front of your mind.

However, numbers are one of the most common communication tools used by Angels as they are useful for sending a clear, specific message. This is because the universe is constructed according to a divine geometric plan, which is why the same number sequences regularly appear in nature, and mathematics holds as a universal truth. As the building blocks of the universe, each number vibrates with a unique spiritual frequency, and those who are particularly tuned into the universe, or can communicate with their Angels directly, can interpret the specific meaning of these numbers.

The Angelic messages sent using number sequences are usually reminders that your Angels are with you and supporting you and to have faith, however, they can also carry specific information from the spiritual world that is a response to a specific question or concern that you have had at the front of your mind. If you meditate on a question for a number of days, you may find that the numbers that appear to you specifically relate to that question.

Common Number Sequences

Triple number sequences of the same number are the most commonly recognised Angel Numbers, and they give forceful and direct messages.

  • 111 – This number is a wakeup call, a reminder that you are part of a broader universe and that the universe serves your needs, but also that your actions and thoughts impact on the world around you, so to stay positive.
  • 222 – This number suggests that something good is about to manifest, and to keep going with what you are doing and remain positive, often in the face of adversity.
  • 333 – This number often means that it is time to make an important decision about something that has been on your mind. It is also a reminder to stay true to yourself in the process.v
  • 444 – This number is generally a reassurance that you are on the right path, and that you only receive what you are ready to receive and that you never receive challenges that you can´t handle.
  • 555 – This number is a warning that some major change in your life is imminent, but also reassures that this change, though it may seem difficult, is something that you need.
  • 666 – This number is often used to draw your attention to the fact that you are currently too focused on something, often material wealth, and to gain some perspective to restore balance to your life.
  • 777 – This number is another reminder that you are on the right path, and also suggests that you are learning about yourself and understanding yourself better and to embrace this new knowledge.
  • 888 – This number is a reminder that you have everything you need, and that now is the time to think about sharing what you have, your knowledge and your energy.
  • 999 – This number generally indicates that something in your life is coming to an end, in order to make space for a new beginning. It can be a call to let go or forgive, so that you can move forward.
  • 000 – This number is often simply a kind reminder that you are not alone and that you are supported by the universe. It can also be a reminder that what you put into the universe you receive.

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Mixed number sequences also appear, and should be interpreted as a combination of the numbers contained within. Below is a list of some of the most frequently seen mixed number sequences.

  • 123 – This number is a call to simplify your life, and to release things that are bringing negative energy into your space.
  • 204 – This number is a signal to be patient – the things you need will come to you in the right time, so wait for them and hold faith.
  • 225 – This number will appear when you are in a period of transition and tells you that the changes you are going through are best for you. It calls you to let go of things from the past that aren´t working for you and to move forward with confidence.
  • 393 – This number is a message to let go of things in your life that are no longer serving you and not to cling to old ways of living out of fear. Get off the treadmill and try something new.
  • 496 – This number is a call to make your life purpose your top priority, and let go of the unimportant things in life, which you will recognise.
  • 536 – This number calls for you to be honest with yourself and with others. Speaking the truth will lift burdens and help you build connections.
  • 645 – This number often calls for you to take some time out and appreciate your life and yourself, and the lessons you have learned. It suggests that you should take the time to get some perspective before moving forward.
  • 761 – This number calls for you to remain positive, as your positivity will bring you success. Put positive energy into the world and help those around you, and the universe will bring you positive outcomes.
  • 884 – This number is extremely positive in the material world and assures you that your prosperity is imminent and assured. But it also calls for you to accept these gifts with gratitude, and to be generous.
  • 987 – This number is often a reminder to lift your head and pay attention to the world around you, so that you can see and appreciate opportunities when they arrive. It also calls you to live in the moment, and not to let your plans stop you from benefitting from what is in the here and now. is owned and run by Christine Hirehey, her son James and her friend Sarah. 

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