Are You A Secret Psychic?

October 26, 2018

Do you have a developing interest for the occult or alternate sciences and medicines?

Do you believe you have extra-sensory intuition or ‘powers’ associated to the psychic world?

You may be a medium, a person with special powers and a penchant for understanding the occult. However, you have to start from somewhere and there is a need for you to recognise the potential for such powers to put them into action.

Interest or Belief

To begin, you must have an interest or belief in the paranormal. Perhaps you have always hosted interest yet a ‘rational’ side kept you from exploring it. Potential mediums admit interest and explore, attending a psychic reading, buying tarot cards, or learning more about numerology to heighten awareness. Read books, have discussions, and begin believing in the unknown or unexplained.

Odd Experiences

Those interested in phenomena are inspired by an event or paranormal experience. Maybe you hear voices in your head or get strong feelings when walking in a room – both associated with clairvoyance. Odd experiences or recurring intuition is akin to medium powers. Take note of extraordinary or peculiar happenings.

It’s Just a Label

How does a financial investor become a success? Other than the job title, one must produce results. A ‘medium’ is just a label; there’s no official place to get ordained a ‘psychic’ or study to be a practitioner. A medium graduates from interest to practice, buying a deck of tarot cards or reading the palms of friends and family members. Saying is different than doing; you must practice to develop your talents.

For Love or Money

Mediums use extrasensory awareness for civil service rather than monetary gain. It may be helpful to attend psychic readings and pose questions; ask the fortuneteller or medium about their learning. Respectable practitioners take interest because of a special talent and not a need for money.

A Restless Night

You’ve had more than a few restless nights if you’re a medium. Mediums have a fear of the dark, can’t sleep throughout the night, and regularly conjure nightmares or have an overly active imagination related to darkness. While night and darkness are often associated with scary movies and macabre content, potential mediums have palpable sensations at night and in darkness.

A Rising Synchronicity

A coincidence involves a relation between two (formerly unrelated) things or events, but synchronicity involves a number of seemingly interconnected phenomena. Only you can determine if a number of events are connected as you develop a talent for understanding psychic phenomena, etc. Do you have a knack for drawing conclusions or estimating cause and effect? It may not be luck but a talent.

Pet Lover or Communicator

Do you love pets and believe you can ‘communicate’ with them? Mediums have extrasensory awareness that enables communication with the animal kingdom. Have you hosted discussions with animals in your mind? You’re not crazy; you’re a medium. Those who love pets develop special relationships with them. However, mediums have loving and talkative relations with pets.

Are you a medium with special powers related to animal communication, numbers, and card reading? Only you can answer and follow your heart in developing further interest and the psychic in you.

Karla Jones enjoys researching all things psychic and spiritual. She was influenced at an early age by her grandmother who had keen abilities at reading tarot. Karla is a yoga instructor and she also enjoys blogging about her experiences.


Posted by: Kindred Spirit