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In this issue:

  • Gabby Bernstein on her spiritual experiences;
  • Rituals and practices to help you celebrate Winter Solstice;
  • Our modern Santa seems to have his roots in the shamanic tradition;
  • The realm and ritual of winter magic;
  • Find calmness with this mental detox programme;
  • Matt Kahn talks about his latest oracle deck;
  • Deepak and Mallika Chopra interviewed;
  • Discover a new centre in Scotland that is helping recovering addicts;
  • The three cauldrons – the energy centres of Celtic healing;
  • Obituary for Anni Sennov;
  • Therapeutic walking in the wonderland of Antarctica;
  • The healing power of silence;
  • The road to a radically authentic life;
  • Reshaping our memories can help us on our spiritual pathway;
  • Personal story of an animal healer;
  • Find divine guidance using oracle cards;
  • Personal story of a cancer survivor;
  • Plus all our regular features and more!