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In this issue:

  • Dr Mike Dow talks about the subconscious mind;
  • How to make time your ally;
  • Rewilding the human and nature – looking at positive ways to live;
  • Tips to achieve more conscious relationships;
  • Kindred Spirit Awards 2019 – who will you vote for?
  • Chakra Tarot decks to be won;
  • Get in touch with your intuitive powers;
  • Win tickets to the MBS Experience;
  • Advice for better use of digital technology;
  • Enlist support to help teens transition into adulthood;
  • Discover the benefits of biodynamic growing;
  • The hidden messages of water;
  • The city of Atlantis rediscovered;
  • The power of combining chakra wisdom with tarot;
  • Angelic Reiki on original sin;
  • How one woman combines spirituality with wealth;
  • A remarkable retreat in Canada;
  • A story of manifestation;
  • A new mental health iniative;
  • Plus all our regular features and more!