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In this issue:

  • Meet leading Kabbalistic Astrologer, Ruth Nahmias
  • Your 2019 astrology forecast
  • Explore the ancient traditions of Hogmannay
  • What does the Chinese Year of the Pig hold in store for you?
  • Restoring Labyrinth Consciousness
  • The Kindred Spirit community and ways to join us
  • Ten steps to connect with your inner guru
  • Nature’s mandalas in all their glory
  • You’re a Goddess!
  • Discover the Mindful Living Show and get discount tickets
  • Check out our new subscription rates and great subs gifts
  • How to survive narcissistic abuse
  • Seven principles of conscious digital usage
  • Discover Pleiadian astrology
  • Align with the changing seasons
  • Meet your personal dragon
  • A story of finding your voice
  • A gift guide to ergonomic
  • Personal story on discovering crystals and their powers