Issue 169 (Mar/Apr 2020)


This is a digital, PDF version of Kindred Spirit. A unlimited-download link will be made available to you on purchase.   In this issue:
  • Matt Kahn shares his 10 golden rules of living
  • Easter celebrations and the power of chocolate
  • Declutter your life with the help of the moon
  • Six steps to self-love
  • Empaths and Narcs. Do they need each other?
  • Organising your creative career
  • The wisdom of the shaman elders
  • The secrets of the Bermuda Triangle explored
  • Obituary for Stephen Russell
  • The transformative power of ancient sites in Egypt
  • The benefits of using our intuition
  • Discover the myths of shapeshifting and transformation
  • A new twist on positive thinking
  • Win a publishing deal with our writing competition
  • Everyday Calming Ritual ideas
  • One woman's quest for an orgasm
  • Natural health solutions for painful periods
  • Plus all our regular features and more!