Each year, we celebrate the people who make a positive difference in our lives, and we need your help to make that happen. Over the coming months, you have the opportunity to celebrate your favourite MBS role models, pioneers and luminaries.

We have come up with the names of deserving individuals and organisations who have had an impact in a meaningful way on our lives and those of others over the past year. From inspiring community initiatives, restorative retreats and healing centres, to the MBS Writer and Personality of the Year categories where we honour consistent service to the fields of wellbeing and spiritual living, now is the time to think about who you might like to vote for.

You can even suggest your own nominees if you feel there is someone particularly deserving of recognition that we have overlooked – we love to hear your suggestions.

There are two categories not open to the public vote. These are the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Editor’s Choice – and the Editor’s Pick – someone who has been on the Editor’s radar and whom she believes deserves special recognition.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Autumn issue of Kindred Spirit, which goes on sale from 23 August, where you’ll be able to see who the editor has chosen and why as well as finding out how your favourite nominees have fared in the public vote.


Thank you for voting in this year’s Kindred Spirit Awards, voting has now closed. 


The results will be announced in our Autumn edition on sale from 23rd August 2024.