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Be Your Own Guru

by Mynoo Maryel It’s time to BECOME the full embodiment of who you are. BE COME means to BE your own teacher, your own GURU and COME into your inheritance and claim your magnificence....

A photo by Dustin Scarpitti.

Entering Different Realities

Trish Cormack explains the benefits of shamanic journeying. This article first appeared in Kindred Spirit, Summer Special, Issue 145. Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual, practical and healing practice, with roots in every culture,...

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Mindful Journeys

We make many journeys in life, some short, some long; accompanied, or alone.  Yet, how often do we consciously pause amongst what is happening around us as we travel on our way?   How often...

transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal Psychology

Steve Taylor on the importance of transpersonal psychology. If I was forced to label myself, I would class myself as a ‘transpersonal psychologist’. I certainly have strong connections to other areas—such as positive and humanistic psychology—but...


Why Choose Vegan Beauty Products?

By Victoria Eisermann I think it’s fair to say that whether you follow a vegan diet or not, you wouldn’t want to use beauty products that contain the likes of crushed insects, fish scales or animal bones amongst...

free spirit

Awaken Your True Spirit

Gina Battye on how to awaken your true spirit. At some point in your life, you will have felt it. That separation. That disconnection. The disconnection from your True Self. Your Source. Your inner...

how to deal with anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Michael Lewin’s tips on how to deal with anxiety. A postulant who has come to the end of his rope and wants to leave, but who has been dissuaded (not by me), stands in...

Cortijo Romero

Happy Birthday Cortijo Romero

Ellie Blair on Cortijo Romero Nigel Shamash’s Spring Into Life Course. I had the priviledge of participating in the Spring Into Life Course run by the original founder of Cortijo Romero Nigel Shamash in...

The Matryoshka Method

The Matryoshka Method

The benefits of discovering your inner Russian doll according to therapist supervisor, Cedric Speyer. This article first appeared in Kindred Spirit Magazine, issue 144. It’s the most natural thing in the world. When people...

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