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U Turn: How to Switch Careers Midlife

by Louise Hayes What is a midlife crisis? The term often comes up in sitcoms and movies in relation to humorous situations faced by characters who suddenly come face-to-face with the reality of their...


Simplicity Lies Wisdom

by Stephen James Wakefield I have published numerous blog entries over the last two years, on a wide range of subjects. As an author (and a blogger keen to attract an audience!) I have...

Be Part of This Wonderful Project!

Be Part of This Wonderful Project!

The project is for a unique I – Ching Deck and Book: Artist Shenpen has been working on a book and card deck for the past fifteen years: Becoming Visionary: Creating an Enchanted Earth with the Transformative...


The Brain Waves of Reiki

by Judith Pennington Who the best healers are and how healing works has been the subject of scientific research since the 1970s, when investigators first began to study the brain waves of hands-on healers....


Reflection Healing

What is Reflection-Healing? Reflection-Healing is a simple and easy guide to use. It allows you to empower yourself, connect fully with life, let go of struggle and flow with ease. Anyone can use it,...

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