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Resurgence celebrates 50 years!

The new May/June issue of the magazine – now called Resurgence &  Ecologist – marks five decades of pioneering sustainable living, spirituality, wellbeing and social justice. As Resurgence approaches its 50 th birthday early next...

Rick June

Listen to Dancing Naked in the Forest

Featuring Native American flute and percussion, multi-instrumentalist and composer Rick June invites us to explore through his music the Spirit and rhythms of Earth. While encompassing many cultures and musical traditions, he remains well...

Vision Board

Vision Boards

Saffron de Menezes explains how vision boards can be used for so much more than just attracting our desires. Most discussions of vision boards tend to revolve around manifesting. Their most talked about use...

Why does music make us happy

Why Does Music Make Us Happy?

Almost everyone has experienced the beneficial effects of music in one way or another; it can help us to relax and unwind even during stressful times, can improve our levels of motivation and focus,...



Humanity and the earth are in a healing crisis, if we want to heal the world, we must start with ourselves. Healer Lorraine M Newman suggests ten ways that we can do this. The...

The Key to Your Heart

The Key to Your Heart

When we feel stuck or are stumbling through life’s challenges, we may feel powerless.  Anne Jones, author and transformational energy healer says that we are far more powerful than we think we are.  We...

Angels Guide to Ascension

Angels Guide to Ascension

Many speak of ascension but what does it really mean? By Liesl Duffy It is the purpose in humans coming to earth. You chose to come here to ascend your spirit to new levels of...

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