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An Introduction to Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a complementary, drug-free, non-invasive holistic form of therapy that uses gentle touches to encourage the body to actively engage its own healing ability. The Bowen Technique was originally founded (and named)...


Enlightened Indian Masters

In this extract from the book, Blueprints for Awakening, selected Indian Masters give their views on enlightenment. Ramesh Balsekar Many Western seekers come to India looking for enlightenment as if it is an experience....


Astrology by Demian Allan

Major Planetary Influences – July/August 2016 Summer is a time of celebration and from an astrological perspective family and social engagements take centre stage as the Sun transits through the zodiac signs of Cancer,...

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Changing Faces in China

  Oliver Eade  explains why we need to understand this vast country better . Say bian lia to someone in China and they’ll know what you mean. Translated as changing faces, it refers to...

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