Worried About EMR / EMF? We Try The Medic from Somavedic Technologies sro

Before you read this review, unless you are very familiar with the health issues surrounding EMF / EMR Radiation and geopathic stress, I strongly recommend reading the excellent article detailing these that appeared in our March/April issue as it covers all the vital facts. For your convenience, it is also posted on our website HERE.

The product reviewed is The Medic from Somavedic Technologies sro and this unit is ideal for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, bioresonance centres, holistic salons and larger buildings and estates and it has a working span of around 30 metres.

My Experiences:

When I first read the article recommended and linked above, it galvanised me to finally take a serious look into various health issues I had had for a number of years so three months ago, I was given the privilege of trying one of the Somavedic Technologies sro units to trial and review. We chose The Medic as it offers a huge selection of benefits.

As I live close to a line of large electricity pylons, this would be quite a challenge to The Medic!

I had tried 3 other smaller and very different devices of helping to eliminate EMR /EMF over the last 5 years and had shown a very minor improvement but after the menopause, my system became increasingly sensitive to these things so I was not about to give up on my search for a solution in an ever-more irradiated world.

After 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in ‘brain fog’ and the random shooting pains and twinges I regularly experienced on various areas of my body had decreased by 40%. Mood swings also had decreased in frequency and intensity.

Palpitations, usually when lying on my back in bed also started to decrease and now I rarely get them at all in my home (within the field of Medic)

I had also found a lot of insomnia creeping on over the last two years and often didn’t fall asleep until 1am which made 6am alarm calls Purgatory! My sleep patterns became more regular after around the 8 week mark and even my digestion issues seem to have resolved themselves almost entirely (an added bonus I did not expect!)

Around this time I also noticed the hot flashes i’d had for the last 18 months had almost vanished, having maybe an episode of them once every few weeks instead of several times daily. I understand from post-menopausal friends that hot flashes often continue for some years so, having changed nothing else in my well-being regimen, i’m sure it was down to Medic.

Almost daily migraines also shrank to milder pain around once per week and in the third month, i’ve noticed I have much more energy!

This is undoubtedly a whole-body system that is very much needed both now and in the future as we move up to 5G and science catches up with what many intuitives have known for a decade or more. I highly recommend it.

I would suggest that you browse the Somavedic website as there is a ton of information, videos, symptoms, reviews and detailed descriptions of each device.


Somavedic Medic has been certified by The International Association  for Electrosmog-Research IGEF

Somavedic MEDIC has been certified by the International Association for Electromagnetic Compatibility Research IIREC

Read more: www.somavedic.com 

– 5% discount (orders at:  english.info@somavedic.cz  ) QUOTE OFFER CODE: KindredSpirit.

– Two-month possibility of refund.



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