World Renowned Palmist Launches Definitive Palmistry Book Including Celebrity Readings

Through palmistry we learn how to time major life events.

When it is best to act, and when to wait … when to plant crops

Palmistry shows you who you are and what your purpose is

here on earth … and how best to achieve that purpose.

in our lives, and when to leave the fields fallow.

T Stokes, holistic palmist in the United Kingdom,

has compiled 50 of his case histories that have been

published in magazines from all over the world, in

several languages, over the past half-century.

Among the case histories chosen are the palm

readings of several well known celebrities, including

Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher,

Hugo Chavez, Robin Williams, the Dalai Lama,

Michael Jackson … just to mention a few.

Palmistry is the ideal base tool for any counseling CBT,

Acupuncture, Homeopathy and German New Medicine

— in fact, all types of “people”-centered medicine.

(where a person is seen as a Colon or a Liver)

Peter O’Toole, Ravi Shankar and

The present trends of Reductionism

is passing … and returning at last to

Whole Person Medicine.

Philosophy, Metaphysics, Psychic Anatomy,

Alternative Medicine, Psychology with Psychiatry,

Spirituality, Diet and just plain GOOD ADVICE

are all to be found in this book, as well as how to

As spiritual leader Krishnamurti said,

“The whole world is in your hands.”

As you learn and begin to read for others, remember

the Healer’s Motto: “Do No Harm.”

Shakespeare put it best when he said:

“Love all, trust very few, do wrong to none.”

tell and avoid fakes and scammers.

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