Celebrate the World Animal Reiki Day

Today the Shelter Animal Reiki Association are celebrating the first World Animal Reiki day across the globe, the inspired idea of Kathleen Prasad, President of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and Founder of Animal Reiki Source.

This date was specifically chosen as it was the Birthday of SARA President Kathleen’s first animal Reiki teacher, Dakota.
An Australian shepherd mix, Dakota was rescued from Sacramento Animal Control as a puppy and spent over sixteen years by Kathleen’s side. In addition to awakening Kathleen to the benefits of Reiki for animals, Dakota inspired Kathleen to create the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).

Kathleen & Dakota

Kathleen & Dakota

Reiki deepens the bond between animals and humans and brings with it many blessings and Reiki for animals can simply be explained a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. Read on the prayer below for the animals in our world.


We honour the animals in our world and ask that each one is
treated with kindness, respect and compassion
May those who live as pets within a family receive love and
attention from those around them, and be provided with a warm,
dry, clean place to sleep, adequate food, plenty of fresh water,
care, exercise and playfulness to maintain good health, vitality
and a calm, satisfied and affectionate temperament
May our competition and working animals find themselves well
cared for with owners who understand and provide for all their
needs to ensure top performance and a balanced life
May our farmed animals find themselves well cared for with
plenty of quality food and water and the attention they need to
maintain good health, and be humanely treated at all times
May our wild animals, birds, insects and marine life find a
natural harmony in their cycles of life as they all take their part
in nature’s Divine pattern
May our global human population gain a heightened
understanding and education from observing these natural
cycles of life on all levels, and practise a new level of harmony in
our world today, effecting a new foundation and benefiting the
highest good of mankind and humanity.

This prayer is said with the highest levels of love, sincerity and
In Love, and Light and Healing

For more information on World Animal Reiki Day, please see the Shelter Animal Reiki Association website.

To receive a complimentary pack of 12 Animal Prayer cards, please contact Tina on tinaread@ymail.com.

World Animal Reiki Day

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