Words of Wisdom: Enjoy Life to the Max by Lifecoach Jerry Sargeant

Before life-coach Jerry Sargeant set off on his humanitarian trip to the typhoon-torn Philippines, he spared a little time to tell us about his life’s work

What motivated you to start Maximum Life?
I want to give everyone on this planet the opportunity to discover their true potential and live their greatest life.
When we are born, we are born into purity, into love and with a fearless passion for life. As we grow up we are taught that we must be a certain way or we won’t fit into society and be loved, and as human beings all we want is to be loved. So this sets up a dysfunctional behavioural pattern and we live a lie. We live a life that is inauthentic. We adopt dis-empowering belief systems and a gap is created. The gap is the difference between who we are as children (authentic) and who a large number of adults are (inauthentic) as they follow the crowd.
To live a maximum life is to discover your true purpose, your life mission. To do this one must take an inward journey and rediscover the power you were born with. That power comes from living an authentic life. Maximum Life is a vehicle that will guide you on the journey to discover your authentic self.

How did you develop the range of life enhancing tools and products?
I believe that I am a vortex that consciousness flows through, just like you and every other human being on this planet. When creating the products for Maximum Life, I just let the creative inspiration inside of me flow. When I write books or create a product, I simply create the space necessary and out from the space comes the flow of information and a new product is born. They are all created with love and a dedication to giving every human being the gift of a passion, joy, happiness, success and ultimately a Maximum Life.

Is there a simple tenet/key that underpins all of your teachings/products with regard to how people can help themselves to lead happier and fuller lives?
The aim is to accept everything life throws at us. If we resist it persists. Whatever we embrace and befriend we can transcend.
All of the products offer different ideas. I have a method which I call the Magnet & the Genie method which is simple to follow. Anyone can use this to create health, wealth or loving relationships in abundance in their lives.
For people wanting to take the inward journey necessary to experience enlightenment the information contained in each Maximum Life product acts as sign posts, guides or keys to point people in the right direction. Re-discovering yourself is quite often a challenging but rewarding journey. As souls having a human experience we are challenged in so many ways by the emotions we feel and as we journey deeper we often face more intense tests offered to us by family members, friends, total strangers and life itself. My mission is to help a billion people discover their true potential and harness their greatness. Each Maximum Life product has been created with this is mind.
Compassion features prominently in your teachings and your work through the Maximum Life Foundation. Can you tell us a little about your compassionate projects in Africa and the Philippines.
Yes. Maximum Life gives money from all product sales to the Maximum Foundation to do humanitarian projects around the world. In Africa we helped build educational facilities, installed water pipelines and took food relief to people suffering. I want the Maximum Foundation to inspire people all over the world to do kind deeds for fellow human beings. It could be a simple thing such as helping someone across the road, to giving a little time to a local charity or even to smile at a stranger in the street. We are all connected and are brothers and sisters living in a vast multi-dimensional universe.
When helping others you are ultimately helping yourself. Whether someone is old, young, rich, poor, black or white, lives in the UK, New York or Africa, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves to live a happy life. I live my life everyday to serve, with love and compassion and to make this world a much better place to be.
My 11 year old daughter Aalayah and I have raised enough money through product sales, on-line donations and a school wheely week, whereby all the kids get to bring scooters, skateboards and bikes into school, have loads of fun and donate to our cause. We have raised enough money and are going to the Philippines to build two schools, ten homes, implement a physical education programme, start a project to teach local women and men to build boats so they have the opportunity to enhance their food supply, and finally give all the kids in a small town in Cebu chickens and chicken coups. This will give them the opportunity to learn responsibility and also offer another food source from the eggs the happy chickens lay.

Your mission for the Foundation is on a global scale. Do you think it is achievable for all people to lead happier, healthier and fuller lives in the future?
I believe that happiness is our birth right. The only reason people don’t live happy, fulfilling, loving and compassionate lives is because there is a disconnection to the totality of all life. The more people that start to live with love and compassion, the higher the vibration and level of consciousness on this planet will elevate. I can have a positive and profound effect on others by maintaining a high vibrational frequency. We all have that power. Love is the most powerful measurable force on this planet. It’s also infectious.
Through the Maximum Foundation we can inspire people to live with love and compassion, see all other humans as equal, increase the level of love and hopefully the world’s resources will, overtime, be distributed fairly between all the wonderful human beings on this beautiful planet we have the privilege of living on.

What is next for Maximum Life, and for you personally?
Maximum Life will continue to create inspirational leaders through the on-line University of Maximum Life. I have just begun a series of seminars based around the content of my latest book. It’s called Into the Light – ‘Raising the Global Vibration’. So I will continue with those, carry on creating products to enhance human life and most importantly living in service everyday by feeling love and compassion and inspiring others to do the same.
Into the Light by Jerry Sargeant, available through website

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