The Wonders of the Body

“The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence” – Osho.

Have you ever taken a moment to ponder about the marvel of your own body? You may have never thought about it, but within your body the whole universe is condensed: your body is literally made of the same stuff of the universe itself. Within your body resides the water of the ocean, the fire of the sun, the air and the earth. All the nature’s elements are present in your body; and not just present, they are the very essence of it.

When mystics say that we are one with the universe, they mean it literally. The body represents the whole existence and for this reason, the body is the closest nature has come to us. To connect with your own body, is to connect with nature.

Every day the body performs miracles. The body is the greatest alchemist in the world. Traditionally alchemists have been busy trying to transform base metal into gold. The body is far superior than that: it transforms food into energy and nourishment for the brain. To make this happen alongside all the other vital functions, trillions of cells work together in perfect harmony and coordination. It is an extraordinary orchestra of huge magnitude which is extremely intelligent, constantly self-regulating itself without your conscious effort. The body is truly a magnificent and highly sophisticated mechanism which deserves your full attention, love and respect.

Unfortunately, the whole education system fails to teach people how to love and respect the body. We live in complete darkness and ignorance about what is the closest to us. We only remember about the body when it is ill or aching. As adults we end up being completely disconnected from the body, missing the chance to marvel at the miracle of it, to be compassionate and respectful towards it, to appreciate it and discover its fascinating mechanism.

“Unless you are compassionate to your own body, you cannot be compassionate to any other body” – Osho.

So how to learn the art of being compassionate towards your own body? The only possible way is from within, there is no other way. It is only possible to understand the body through meditation and inner observation. Modern science has no way of knowing about the living body. Science can only analyse dead bodies, and the trouble is: a corpse is not a body.

If you feel it is time for you to embark on this journey of self-discovery, I highly recommend a wonderful meditation technique devised by the contemporary mystic Osho. This meditation is called “Remembering yourself of the forgotten language of talking to your bodymind”. It is an invitation and a practice to become friend with your body. It teaches you to listen and talk to your body. Yes, you can talk directly to your own body and through this reconnection you can mobilise your self-healing energy. You can address any symptoms or pain that is troubling you. The body is always ready to listen to you but you have never talked with it. You have been in it, used it, but never thanked it. Your body has been serving you throughout your whole life as intelligently as possible, but you never took the time to acknowledge and appreciate it.

So meditate, start loving your body and you will discover that your best friend is closer than you think.

About the author: Swaram has practised meditation for over 20 years and is a certified Osho Active Meditation facilitator. He holds a MA in Philosophy, and he teaches Osho Active Meditation in London. Visit his website for further information.


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