Carbon Monoxide Alarm Draw: WINNERS


Winners of the alarms are:

Isobel Lyman

Annmarie Crawford

P. Murrells

Grace Gabriella Puskas

Claire Quartel  E.I Electronics will contact you directly with your prize!

While you’re packing your holiday and Retreat essentials this year, leave a little room in your suitcase to take a portable carbon monoxide alarm, such as the Ei204 Carbon Monoxide alarm.

In small spaces such as hotel rooms, caravans, boats and cottages, levels of Carbon Monoxide produced by faulty, poorly maintained fossil fuel appliances can build up very quickly to dangerous levels.

Compact and discreet, the alarm is only noticeable when you need it to be and is ideal for travel. Available from Wilko and Amazon.


Check out E.I Electronics website below for info and why not buy one for your friends? It can save lives.

Ei website:

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