Why Choose Vegan Beauty Products?


By Victoria Eisermann

I think it’s fair to say that whether you follow a vegan diet or not, you wouldn’t want to use beauty products that contain the likes of crushed insects, fish scales or animal bones amongst many other gory sounding body parts! It’s shocking to know that these ‘ingredients’ are in any beauty products at all, but by choosing to use vegan beauty products you are choosing to avoid such ingredients and prevent animal cruelty at the same time.

Here’s just a handful of ingredients that you will avoid by purchasing vegan beauty products. It not always as simple as it sounds as animal ingredients are sometimes listed under confusing names.

Love your lipstick?
Carmine (also known as cochineal, crimson lake, natural red 4, c.i.75470, E120 or carminc acid) is the colour taken from the bodies of crushed insects known as cochineal, one of the most common non vegan ingredients found in makeup.

Ever wondered how many non vegan beauty products get that shimmer effect?
Have you heard of Guanine, also known as CI 75170?

Guanine is actually fish scales taken from dead fish to add shimmer and glimmer to beauty products.

Collagen supplements plump the skin, right?
Well, be careful of supplements without synthesised ingredients (they will say 100% vegan if they are) as this could mean it contains fish/animal bones, connective tissues and skin.

Beeswax is also under a different name and can be known as cera alba, cera lava and is often found in lip balms and mascaras.

This cocktail of animal bones and skin can easily be avoided by opting for vegan beauty buys instead.

Now that you know about some of the hidden ingredients in non vegan beauty products please don’t confuse ‘cruelty free’ with vegan, as they are two different things.

The definition of ‘cruelty free’ means that the products and ingredients used have not been tested on animals at any point in their production – it does not necessarily mean that the product is vegan. Whilst the Leaping Bunny logo and other cruelty free logos are great place to start, you should always check the ingredients to make sure that there aren’t any fish or crushed insects lurking in your lipstick.

It’s not only in non vegan make up that animal parts could be lurking…many makeup brushes could be made using animal hair including goat, squirrel, mink, sable or horse hair – and these are often as a by-product of the fur industry. There are plenty of fantastic synthetic options out there, such as Nanshyand Aveda.

People often have the misconception that all vegan products are very expensive and it’s not the case. As well as there being an array of great vegan and cruelty free beauty buys online you can now also find plenty on the high street too. Here you can find Superdrugs own brand, Barry M, Gosh, Lush, Models Own and Sleek to name just a few, and for higher end brands try Too Faced Cosmetics, Bare Minerals and Becca. Arbonne is amazing too! (This is buy online only)

So you see there is something for everyone at every price level too. Here’s some PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment to Animals) ethical beauty directories for you to learn more of what the vegan and cruelty free beauty world has to offer.

And PETAs Vegan beauty brush directory.

Also don’t forget to check out my blog revealing all the vegan and cruelty free products head to toe that I’m using right now.

Victoria Eisermann is a former model, now Ethical Beauty Advisor. Victoria is also co founder of the dog rescue charity K-9 Angels. She has a monthly slot on Phoenix FM radio hosting her show The Angel Hour.



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