Which Cathar Tarot Card are You?

The Cathar Tarot  by author John Matthews and illustrator Wil Kinghan takes as its starting point the beliefs of the Cathars, which were in turn founded on the ancient belief system known as Gnosticism.
It is published by Watkins Publishing, and it will be available to buy from the 15th of December 2016.
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The Cathars saw life as initiatic journey and for the modern user this pack uniquely outlines such a journey – upon which are all engaged – which takes us from the depths to the heights of personal spirituality, via a range of human experiences with which we can all resonate.

Building on this, and drawing on a wide knowledge of Grail symbolism, the successful team of author John Matthews and artist Wil Kinghan have created a unique system that reflects the personal journey of the Seeker from that of Bonhomme (good man or woman) to Parfait (Perfected One) through his or her encounter with the archetypes whose mysterious presences lay behind the spiritual beliefs of the Cathar order.

If you want to find out more on the history of The Cathars take a closer look at the accompanying book. It also provides you with doctrine, belief and background information on the archetypal imagery of the cards as well as three new spreads: The Cathar Cross, The Quadriga and The Consolomentum, each of which draws on Cathar traditions and belief.


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