Where Does Your Inspiration Come From? By Brad Wallis

When you have an inspirational thought, or you receive an idea that inspires you, have you ever wondered if you had somehow sent that thought to yourself? Could the thought or idea be based upon something that you should have done and didn’t do in a previous lifetime? Only this time around you know how or what to do about it? 

Let’s talk for a moment about what the soul and the spirit do from lifetime to lifetime. Think about the things that come easily to you without you being taught how to do them or needing much practice. What value would you get in this human existence if you had previous lifetimes’ experience to help you?

When you have previous experience with something, and then somebody comes along and they don’t know how to do that same thing, don’t you usually help them or at least try to share a little bit of your knowledge with them on the subject?

So what if you are a soul and you just had a previous life experience on a subject matter, or you missed having something happen for you, and you are now going to inspire yourself this next time around? What is it then that inspires you? Or what is it that causes you to have inspirational feelings towards something?

Some people would merely say that such and such inspires them. Or what so and so does inspires them to try the same thing. Or it triggers something inside you and that is where the inspiration comes from.

Well let’s throw this argument out there... Are you sure that it is not YOU showing your own self that very thought? Are you sending yourself a messenger of the potential of what you had previously accomplished? Perhaps it is that I AM statement that you sent out into the universe, as to what you wanted to accomplish but didn’t, so this time around you are going to send your own self inspiration and information on how to get that thing accomplished? 

Inspiration comes from many, many venues. It can be a driving force for some. For those who are driven, why is it that you are so driven about certain things? For example, why are you compelled to have a particular career? What pushes you in that direction? Does that drive come from previous life experience? Does it come from your own self speaking to itself? 

Where do your thoughts come from? Does your higher self remind you and play memory advocate? Is there inspiration in there anywhere? Are you sending yourself messengers? 

How many ways can a soul break itself up and reinsert itself into your dreams or thoughts before you realize it could possibly be you who are doing this to your very self? Are you inspiring yourself? Warning yourself? Guiding yourself? Maybe you’re even scaring yourself! They are all forms of communication, right?

The best forms of communication are through thoughts, emotions, memories, dreams, and foresights. The list could go on, but these are all ways of communicating by inserting an idea or a dream or thought into your memory; it is the best way to be remembered. You have inserted the experience. It is your memory that recalls all that. It is all locked away in your memory! 

Dream state is a very entry level form of frequency of energy. It is very easy for your soul to insert itself into your dreams. Heavier entry would be referred to as memory reformation (re-stimulate the possibility of thoughts and emotions and actions going on in your memory bank). Most humans are waiting for some form of a ghost to appear, something three dimensional, in order to have a conversation with them. Your soul is not three-dimensional! Communication with your soul has nothing to do with the spoken word. That’s why so many miss it. 

So, what have you missed? Have you had inspirational thoughts? Have you had inspirational actions? Have you had insertion of a spirit, or even Source, in your life, into your memory banks, into your spirit, into your outlook, into your perspective? 

What is it that is going to wake you up to the messages from your soul? What is going to lead you to the memory of who you are? 

About the author:
Brad & Kasey Wallis are conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius who offers messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity. Through Julius’s higher conscious teachings they are expanding the awareness of who we truly are by knowing our Source essence as limitless light beings. Kasey/Brad along with Julius bring their work forward through many forums including articles and books by Brad that encompass Julius’s teachings, Personal Readings with Julius, Interactive Teaching Classes, and a membership group called the IAM Academy. Learn more at: http://expandwithjulius.com

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