When Day Breaks Before The Sun Rises

Jenny Chapman travels from Argentina to Mexico, activating Pachamama’s feminine cha’mas with Apu Runa.

This article originally appeared in its full length on Kindred Spirit Magazine, issue 137.

Traveling with Apu Runa, a Peruvian Shaman and High Priest, to activate the new feminine chakras, was a spiritual revelation. Apu Runa is a man rooted in Andean tradition, having studied with his Master for ten years and been practicing as a Shaman for a further fifteen. Experiencing first-hand the benefits of his sacred teachings from Aconcagua in Argentina to Teotihuacán in Mexico was truly inspirational. We set off in mid-December 2014 covering a distance equivalent to an 11 hour flight in seven weeks. The purpose of our epic journey was to connect with each of the seven chakras, through visiting sacred sites and energy hotspots that correspond to each one of them.

The chakras of the Western or Oriental traditions are known as cha’mas in South America and also exist in the feminine part of our ‘Pachamama’ (Mother Earth). The West and Orient house the masculine chakras of the earth and their vertebral column is the Himalayan Mountain range, the phallus of the masculine part of the planet is Everest in Tibet, between India and China, the highest mountain in the world. According to studies of these energetic points, the Himalayas used to dominate the energy of the planet, but now it rests, while in the Andes, the feminine part of the earth is stirring. The Age of Aquarius is upon us and it is a feminine era, coinciding precisely with the awakening.


2nd cha’ma- Titicaca, apacheta and flowers, meeting with Gods.

Atlantean Energy
The seven feminine cha’mas contain the wisdom of neither India nor the Andes but of the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Amongst other things, these ancient cultures were known for their scientific achievements, radically different social and religious views and telepathic communication. Cha’ma wisdom has been handed down through guardians of the spiritual tradition and many of its Masters, such as Apu Runa’s late Maestro Don Pedro Huaman Quispe. It is knowledge, according to many Shamans, which is still not accessible to the public and especially to foreigners. Few in fact have complete understanding of this system and its potential to affect us on a global level – Apu Runa is keen to see this change and have us all engage with the extraordinary lessons the cha’mas have to offer.

Andean wisdom believes we are in the period ‘when day breaks before the sun comes up and feminine energy will take full effect on planet earth’. Now in the new time, after the changes of 2012 and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the feminine era has well and truly begun.

The landscape we travelled was primarily mountainous, except for our trip to the Mayan temple of Chichen Itza in Cancun, Mexico. This is unsurprising, as Pachamama’s cha’mas are physically part of her body and run along her vertebral column, which is the mountain range called Cordillera de los Andes. Each of the seven cha’mas has seven connections. There is a primary energetic point, and then six more points that serve as part of the network – below, above, to the right, left, front and back.

In the Andean chain of mountains the first and biggest in the south is Aconcagua, this is the Kundalini and first energetic point of the Pachamama or first cha’ma. Aconcagua has an etheric city that the Andean tradition calls Khon Kawan. Etheric cities are cities in parallel dimensions; earthlike locations which it’s said will return to this third dimension when their time comes. The name, Aconcagua, is believed to come from the name of the etheric city. This mountain has six connection points in places as far afield as Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

During our first ceremony, Apu Runa reports having a very strong experience, where he left his body and connected with the site. At Aconcagua we were surrounded by hundreds of small birds. He didn’t see birds but saw little angels or beings of light – dressed in the clothing of birds. This he said ‘is my personal connection’. He knows it’s not easy for a Western mind to understand how the landscape or sacred sites retain the energy of the cha’mas, but for an Andean it is logical; Mother Earth lives and like any living being, has her active energies.

Cha’ma wisdom has a strong oral history tradition which amongst other things teaches important life lessons and talks of etheric cities, UFO sightings and extraterrestrial visitors. For example, the first cha’ma relates to sacrifice for a good cause. In a place called Inka’s Bridge, there’s a story of a great king who had a very ill child. When the child was at his worst, somebody told him there were healing waters close to the mountains of Aconcagua. The king searched and found medicinal hot springs on the other side of a riverbed, but after a lot of rain the river was treacherous to cross. He was in utter despair. His soldiers who loved him dearly, sought a solution and they put themselves, one on top of the other, to form a bridge so he could pass to heal his child.


6th cha’ma – Gods being called in by the Pututu

The Seven Rays
The second cha’ma and sexual centre of Pachamama is called theMonastery of the Seven Rays’. This too is the name of the etheric city related to this cha’ma, but it is also a physical place, called Kueche Marka in Peru, and it lies below Lake Titicaca. Other connection points include the Aramu Muru Doorway and the Island of Amantani on the Peruvian side of the lake. Apu Runa tells a story of his Master entering the etheric city, below Lake Titicaca, through the Aramu Muru Doorway. Legend has it his Master was not alone. During the wedding of two star-crossed lovers, each living on either side of this Doorway – it is said that another entry into this parallel world occurred. The boy went to receive his girlfriend, who lived on the other side of the doorway, passing Aramu Muru as he did so. As the wedding party danced passed the doorway once again, one of the musicians needed to use the loo and discreetly went behind some rocks. Whilst the people where dancing, the solid rock doorway opened. It shone beautifully, he watched from a distance and wanted to go inside with the rest of the wedding party, but it closed before he could, leaving him behind to tell the tale.

The third cha’ma is Qosqo (also known as Cusco), the solar plexus chakra related to life and the connection we have with Taita Inti (Father Sun). It has been incorrectly translated as naval. Qosqo refers to the same point the Japanese call the Hara, found two and a half centimetres above the naval and the exact location of the chakra on the body. Physical points of connection along the Cordillera include Machu Picchu and Killarumiyoq. The latter, being a site we had the honour of visiting, has more recently been rediscovered and is a place with a lot of ‘old’ energy, suggesting that it may be pre-Inkan. The site filled with vulva-like openings and a beautiful waterfall is very potent and extraordinarily special. Stories tell that during the full moon, it illuminates and shines like a quartz crystal and is an interdimensional doorway allowing people to connect with Paititi, the etheric city of the third cha’ma.

Find out more: Raul Tomaylla Lezama (Apu Runa) can be contacted for ceremonies, workshops and healings at his Puno based shop, on his facebook page Raul Tomaylla Lezama Apu Runa Shaman or on aramuraul@hotmail.com. He has been invited and hopes to visit the UK in Spring / Summer and North America in Autumn / Winter 2015. Work is underway on a book about the magic surrounding this Pachamama (Mother Earth) cha’ma journey and feminine awakening. Proceeds of the book will go towards setting up a healing centre.

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