What Is Wholistic Wellnurse?


by Sara Goldy

This Summer after completing my training as a Reflexologist, whilst working in a High Dependency Unit as a graduate Nurse, I felt inspired to refresh the scene and endeavoured to embark upon a more unconventional journey with my healing and health care practices and do some volunteer nursing further afield.

It had been a long held dream of mine to find a place where I could share and use both my clinical and holistic skill mix.

By chance I came across the movie Three Miles North of Molkom by a young, female British film maker. I found amidst its comical twist something quite profound and a calling to me to come and visit.

So it was at Angsbacka – a Swedish alternative community that hosts a full packed Summer of festival gatherings centred around conscious celebration, self-exploration, heart centred living and a coming together of like minds, that I found the perfect opportunity to do so.

Their signature festival, NO MIND, coined the tag line ‘Bridging Worlds’ as the theme and flavour for this year’s gathering. An eventful time it was indeed, with plenty of activities to choose from and a programme of workshops running from early morning yoga to music concerts, open mic and dancing into the night.

You’re free to go with the flow and check in with whatever you’re feeling to do. Maybe to challenge yourself to try something new, out of your comfort zone or just to take some time out to explore the natural surroundings. Meet with new people or simply relax into the back drop of an easy going, family friendly, alcohol and drug free place to be – regarded a little piece of heaven on earth for many.

As the Nurse on duty I was able to pop in and out of the different spaces holding talks, movement classes, art and crafts, a fire walk and trance dance sessions keeping an eye on the things going on and also at hand with an emergency phone, 24 hours on call. I found a great balance doing this and particularly enjoyed gathering for songs round the camp fire, an intimate sweat lodge and watching the children play in their tent area.

I discovered my own beautiful, tranquil spots to sit and be quiet and I felt the whole atmosphere of being in community with others and a chance to just be yourself very refreshing – certainly in contrast to the busy 11 hour shift on the ward.

The small town of Molkom is surrounded by the abundance of nature’s scenic beauty, a friendly neighbourhood, breath-taking views along the lake side, and walkways into deep, open forestry that warmly invites and delights you in. Angsbacka set in the heart of it all, somewhere quite different from the hustle and bustle of London city living.

The nursing duties were mostly dealing with common complaints and aliments – bites, ticks, cuts and sprains – nothing too major thankfully. We had a well-stocked Nurse’s station and an extra Nurse to swap with each day. I had the great fortune and privilege of meeting other like-minded medical professionals – Doctors, Nurses, a medical Herbalist and many other inspiring, knowledgable people with an interest in holistic health.

We also had an emotional wellbeing support team available and a safe place of rest and comfort was provided for the participants where needed.

I was overjoyed to organise with the volunteer co-ordinators the use of some alternative measures to add to our first aid kits. I carried with me miniature pouch of topical, internally safe doTERRA aromatherapy oils: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, clove, oregano and Bach Rescue Remedy to use as an extra comfort and support aid. They were well received and appreciated by those who came for treatment.

I am currently working on a concept I have created called Wholistic Wellnurse to be set up in the UK as a social enterprise. The vision is to set up different practices for traditionally qualified Nurses with further holistic training, to offer treatment sessions and services that bridge the worlds of conventional medicine and holistic intervention. To aid a person’s needs or recovery time and encourage new pathways of dealing with health care issues and adapting to positive lifestyles choices. For more information check out the facebook group or email saraggoldy@gmail.com

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