Walking the Fairy Path

Expert Flavia Kate Peters gives an insightful look at how to connect with the nature spirits and Fairy-Craft.

A Fairy Pathworker is someone who has always been drawn to nature, who naturally hears the whispers of spirit though the breeze, who welcomes the rains, glorifies in the heat of the sun and connects with the nourishment of the earth. A Fairy Pathworker embraces each season, rejoices at every new bud during the first stirrings of Spring, the harvest abundance that Summer supplies, the falling leaves of Autumn and deep dark mystery that accompanies the Winter months.

The Fairy Pathworker’s heart sings at the mere notion of magic, has an affinity with the ways of natural healing and believes in an other world of mystical beings. This is the world of Fairy – a shining world within our own, of faery elementals, rock spirits, crystal spirits, guardians of the lakes, streams and oceans, spirits of the forests, meadows, mountains and even towns and cities, all supporting the ways of nature through their natural workings of miracles and magic. The Fairy Pathworker is able to naturally connect with this ‘other’ world, perceiving the spirits that are all around, in all that is ‘alive’.

This is the belief system of Fairy-Craft, for it is not a religion, but a wonderful world of freedom, magic and connection with the natural world, and that of spirit. Our Celtic Ancestors, and other indigenous peoples, lived their lives trusting in, recognising and interacting with the spirits of the land, living in accordance to the magical law of nature. The Fairy Pathworker is a healer, a counsellor and ambassador for the spirits of nature, taking a responsible attitude in guardianship for this beloved planet.

Many of you may feel an affinity with the fairy pathway , having felt the call since childhood. The Fairy Pathworker has come, in this lifetime, with a purpose to awaken the magic of the old ways, of the days when magic was abound, when humans and the fairy world respected each other and worked together in harmony, to bring ensure the natural balance in all things. The World of the Fae has sounded a great alarm, in order to stir each of us from our deep slumber. For it is time to wake up and acknowledge that the key to existence is belief.

The key to existence is realisation, to understand that this is a world of duality that we share with another world. The world of nature is on equal terms with humankind in keeping this planet going, as we know it. A tree will exhale all that it does not need, and we as humans inhale all that the tree has extradited. In return, we breathe out that which the tree needs in order to live. Don’t you see? One cannot live, or exist naturally, without the other. For two millennia Mankind has believed that everything on this planet is his for his own taking, to have dominion over. Time to re-address the balance and to live up to the sacred role of the fairy protector. But where will this journey of mystery take you, you may ask? The journey of the Fairy Pathworker  is uncertain, but necessary if you wish to connect with the magic that is within and all around you. There may be pit-falls and great losses perhaps, but you can be assured that wherever the Fairy realm lead you to, it will always be for the highest good as you walk towards your destiny. In dedicating your life to working with the Fairy Realm the overall outcome will be more satisfactory than you could even imagine – and guaranteed you will experience some great fun along the way!

The fairies are calling us to harness the power of Nature, to honour and revere the ways of our ancestors, who worked in union with these very real nature spirits. The ancient mystics worked with the flow of the universe and recognised that when we operate in this way we re-ignite our own natural magical powers, that have been lying dormant within for too long.

It’s time to embrace the magic of who you really are and invite the fairy mystic-within to come alive by saying …..

Spirits of Nature, I call upon you,

To surround and assist me, in all that I do.

I invoke your magic to connect us as one,

By alluring enchantment we are blessed. It is done

About Author: Flavia Kate Peters is a Singer, Writer, Speaker, Therapist and a Natural Mystic who connects with the ancient Deities of the Celtic British Isles. She works closely with Angels, nature spirits and faeries, and offers Readings and Guidance as well as giving Talks & Workshops at events nationwide. Discover how to work and connect with the nature spirits and the elements to bring you back into harmony with the mystical world that is all around us, re-igniting your inner power. Find out about exciting details of Mind Body Spirit events as well as magical and empowering workshops – including Faery Magic.

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