Trusseau TV Launched!

Tamara Trusseau also referred to as the ‘Love Goddess’ has launched a new online TV channel “Trusseau TV”. Combining psychic, holistic and lifestyle expertise, Trusseau TV is dedicated to giving viewers a better understanding of the psychic and holistic world. Trusseau TV broadcasts live from 5pm until 11pm 7 days a week at
Trusseau TV discusses and explores a multitude of topics including finding love, financial matters, health & family issues, career aspirations, mediumship and spiritual development.

Tamara has hand-selected a team of internationally recognised psychics specialising in tarot cards, clairvoyance, aura readings, crystals, Egyptian pendulum and more. Our renowned team of holistic guests specialise in reiki healing , face yoga, bio-energy, sound therapy, homeopathic remedies and more, all of whom will appear on the show daily and will answer questions using their ability.

Interactivity is key to the show. Viewers from around the world are encouraged to get in touch via email, social media or phone where they can send in their questions and interact with Tamara and her guests live on Trusseau TV.

The studio and at-home psychics will be available to take one-to-one calls from viewers where they can give in-depth and confidential readings. Psychics will be available 24 hours day. To speak with one of our psychics please call 0207 111 6389.

Trusseau TV employs an ethical and informative attitude and the show’s methods are constructive, compelling, open-minded and inspirational.    

For further information on Trusseau TV and to watch the show LIVE please visit

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