Tried & Tested: Propur TM Water Pitcher with the ProOne® G2.0M Filter

The importance of clean water. Think about it. I have, for a very long time.

I’m sure we all have the conviction that what we put into our bodies is the most important aspect of ongoing health and with this in mind, i set out a few years ago to do my own research into why, despite medical advances, the figures for ill-health were soaring in so many countries to see if i could eliminate or reduce the chances of ill-health in future years.

It would indeed seem that ‘health begins in the gut’ and water is, i discovered, the most essential element of this. Just as importantly, water is the main method of cleansing our vital organs of toxins accumulated through use of drugs (both those we personally take and those traces from others that are in the water course) processed foods and various chemicals used on the skin, in the home and environmentally, like pesticides /glyphosates; The over -use of pesticides by farmers has heavily polluted the ground water and springs. It is no surprise to me, personally that cancer rates are up over 40% with neurological disorders growing exponentially.  Harvard studies on the effects on our health of many such chemicals are very revealing and i would urge you to do your own research, as i have. This research set my resolve to eliminate toxins from my drinking water.

There are many water filters available, several indeed that simply serve to improve clarity and taste (and don’t claim to do otherwise) but after reading many reviews and laboratory reports, I decided that Propur  had consistently the most state of the art filters and were what i wanted to try. Propur filters come in various types and sizes but i wanted something i could carry when staying overnight at my elderly Mother’s so i decided on the PropurTM Pitcher which uses the unparalleled ProOne® G2.0M Filter, as my test subject.

PropurTM filters remove (or reduce down to almost nothing) more than 200 contaminants from water that are proven in independent studies to have a detrimental affect on your health and well-being. My chief concern of these was fluoride (it’s added to most tap water in varying forms at various  levels) as it calcifies your pineal gland, also known as the ‘third eye’ but with further research, i found that glyphosates are even more harmful and i’m glad to see the PropurTM range totally removes both of these harmful elements!

I’ve been experimenting with my own health for about two years and i can tell by the way i feel with each thing i add (or remove!) to my diet if something is really working in a tangible way.

I used water from the pitcher exclusively for six weeks for drinking, cooking and kettle for tea etc.  to see what the difference would be compared to the improvement three years ago in switching to bottled spring water from tap water and it was nothing like the switch from bottled to PropurTM filtered water! After over four decades, minor digestive issues have actually cleared up, my skin has never looked so good and my joints hurt less. I have more energy and am enjoying drinking water much more. I feel this is the ultimate step in detoxing as i have not deviated from my usual diet or health regimen in the six weeks’ trial period at all, in order to get a more conclusive result and i’m delighted! I have to say this is the best decision i have made for my health, hands down.

The pitcher costs £71.49 RRP (current as of the time the review was posted) and considering the money it’s saved in bottled water it would have taken me just 3 months of use before it paid for itself. It is made from BPA and phlalates free plastic and very sturdy without being heavy, even when full. Filter Element Increases pH up to 9.5 which if you’re up with your health research, is a good thing!  The filter also leaves in beneficial minerals.  The fresh fruit and vegetable infuser is a great touch, too!

More is explained in this brief video, HERE.

The ProOne® G2.0M filter is good up to 6 months of usage.

They can be simply scrubbed every two to six months (depending on usage) to remove any surface residue build-up in between changing filters. They can even make most garden pond water drinkable!

DO pop onto the Propur TM UK website and read the very impressive lab reports HERE

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Review by Joanne Hunt, advertising manager.

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