Time out: 5 Tips for your summer break

As we head into the height of the summer leading life & business coach Rasheed

Ogunlaru author of Soul Trader shares some tips on how to relax, re-charge and return

to your business re-energised

1) Time for you

If you are your own boss or have a really busy job there can be a huge temptation to

plough on through summer without a break. But it’s essential that you take time out.

Whether you go on vacation on stay-cation it’s important that you relax, recharge and

regroup. This is one of the few opportunities in a year you may get to catch your breath –

so seize the moment. What do need: time by the beach, time to catch up on rest and

sleep? Check in with yourself and put time in for yourself in your diary.

2) Time for things you love to do

Getting a business up and running or a career really progressing has a way of putting

everything else on the back burner. Hobbies, interests and pass-times can often become

an old memory. Summer time is the perfect time to re-acquaint yourself with them. Be it

that you love to paint, go for long walks, play sport, make things, bake things – whatever

it is get stuck back in. Very often hobbies and pastime have huge mental, physical,

emotional and spiritual benefits. They are part of what makes our lives healthier, happier

and more balanced. This may be just the tonic that you need to wind down, de-stress

and get excited and re-energised again. Far from being a distraction from business these

types of activies will actually boost your energy and productivity levels when you return

to business or work.

3) Time for loved ones too

There is that powerful saying that when all is said and done in your life few people will

report that “I wish I’d spent more time in the office.’ Likewise one of the biggest regrets

people say is they didn’t spend enough time with loved ones. Now is the time to catch

up with friends, family, loved ones, partner and spouses. Let them know that you’re glad

that they are there and let them know you care especially if your business has eaten into

the time you’d spend with them. Book time to catch up, be spontaneous and above all

spend quality time reconnecting.

4) Time for things you ought / need to do

The chances are that there are number of things that you may have put off or forgot

through pursing your career or business venture. What really needs doing and what will

improve your home, personal and business life? Write a very short and focused list.

Sleep, exercise and healthy eating often fall into this list. Appointments with doctors,

dentists, opticians and health practitioners is often another. But it may well also be that

clearing out your front room, garden or office and computer will also help calm your

mind, feel organised and enjoy your free time.

5) Time for a quick review / preview

The summer slowdown can also be a great opportunity to gently reflect on where you’re

at and where you’re going. First of all give yourself credit for all that you’ve already

achieved along your business / career journey? Now ask yourself / write down:

 What’s going well and how can you build on it?

 What are the challenges and problem areas – and who / what can help you?

 What are the 2-3 priorities that would give you and your business / career a boost

Gently reflect on the answers and they’ll give you a great starting point for when you

return after your summer break.

Whatever you do have a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable summer. Taking time out can

actually be one of the most powerful ways of bringing energy, purpose, balance and

perspective back into your business.

Rasheed Ogunlaru is life/business coach, partner and author of Soul Trader – Putting

the Heart Back into Your Business www.rasaru.com  www.soul-trader.biz


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