Three Techniques to Get Your Life on Course

Move on in 2018 and leave the past behind with these simple yet effective techniques from hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank.

Have you ever felt stuck or unmotivated about life? Are there things you want to do or dreams you want to achieve, but you don’t know how to get started or how to reach your goals? Here I share three techniques to help you begin to take control of your life and ensure that it follows a more positive direction – the direction in which you want it to go.


We all worry about something or have negative thoughts at some point about work, family, money or friends. But it is important to take control of spiralling negative thinking, which can cause anxiety and stress and occupy time that could be used positively. When you worry less, life will become easier and you will sleep better too. Try using the following technique to eliminate any worries.

Clouds in the sky technique:

To release negative thoughts or worries, use the fingers of your right hand to rub, tap or press the knuckles of your left hand to reassure yourself that everything will be fine. You can do this subtly in front of other people – if you clasp your hands, no one will notice you rubbing, tapping or pressing your knuckles. Say to yourself, ‘Let it go. Let it pass.’ Imagine the bad feeling passing by. Thoughts are fluid objects that will pass like clouds moving across the sky if you allow them to do so. Repeat the exercise until the bad feelings pass, and repeat it regularly throughout the day to avoid focusing on worries and anxieties.


Even if you think you are quite a confident person, a positive adjustment to your mindset can take your belief in yourself to a new level, which will help you to achieve more in a new, dynamic way. When you find yourself wanting to improve an area of your life, such as change job, earn a bigger salary, move to or buy a property, or even complete a work project, there can be barriers in your mind stopping you from achieving your goal. Try using the following technique to eliminate any self-doubt.

Kick-boxer confidence technique:

Pretend to be a kick-boxer. Stand up and do the actions of a kick-boxer – within your own fitness capabilities, of course! As you do the kick-boxing actions – boxing with your hands and kicking with your leg – say positive statements about what you want to achieve.

‘I can do this. I am doing this. This is done.’

‘I am doing it. I am doing it. I am doing it.’

Add your own name to the beginning of the sentence: ‘[Your name], I am doing this’.’

You will feel a positive energy running through your body as you do this exercise, helping you to believe that you can do whatever you need to get done. Your body has a muscle memory pattern and this will train it to feel the positive feelings that enable you to believe in yourself on every level.


It is sometimes hard for people to visualise a positive future, especially when it involves something that has never happened before. How can you imagine how it feels to be with a loving partner if you’ve never had one? Or how it would feel to own your own home or be in a well-paid job that you love if these things have been out of your reach before? Or perhaps you have had the life you wanted in the past but you don’t have it anymore. It can feel frustrating trying to get your life on course, particularly if you can’t change a situation quickly. But it is important to keep focused on the dreams you have by regularly making good choices and decisions that lead towards your goals.

Say to yourself, ‘It will all work out AMAZINGLY well. Life is an AMAZING adventure.’ You can come to terms with really terrible times if you focus more on the good feelings and less on the bad. Try using the following technique to train your mind to be flexible to find a way forward.

Wiggly string technique:

Visualise the future as being like a wiggly string leading you on an AMAZING treasure hunt through your life. Imagine the string going in different directions: it wiggles to the left and to the right, down and up, and it leads you to the things you need to find. Let your life be an adventure. This exercise will help you to flow and be flexible in your attitudes to life. Trust that AMAZING things can happen. When you believe there is going to be a way forward, you will find it.

About the Author: Ailsa Frank is a self-help author, motivational coach and leading hypnotherapist.  To find out more about Ailsa’s services and hypnosis downloads, visit her website here.

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