Sam Cohen expounds the health benefit of nose drinking: Drinking Through The Nose Yoga began in London in 2000, when three people – Sam G, Kelly Ra and Buddha Herb, combined forces to develop a unique and fresh way of life to lift ourselves and man/womankind from ignorance and degradation.

At the core, is the technique of drinking through the nose (DTTN). First discovered by Kelly Ra in the Autumn of 2000, the ability was borne from drinking our own waters (elixir or urine). For approximately the first two years, we drank only the elixir through the nose; from there mineral water, various fruit and vegetable juices and eventually everything – the possibilities are endless!

Urine Therapy and the science behind it, is well documented. After over 15 years practice, we are fully aware that the elixir is the water of life. Please note, while in the womb, the foetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid; ultimately the same liquid as the elixir. Our brains and all vital organs are essentially formed whilst encased in it.

We have carried out research from medical text books both eastern and western, while studying at University in London (SOAS) writing a thesis under the tutorship of a Professor of Water & Development in 2003. We found that the olfactory receptors located in our nasal cavity, lead to the olfactory tract and from there, connect to the forebrain, amygdala and hypothalamus.

Essentially, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and any precious substances found in the liquid whilst in the nasal cavity (before it is swallowed), nourish the brain through the olfactory receptors. This is a huge step for man/womankind. To actually reach the brain via the nose, reduces the dependency upon eating through the mouth and decreases the time it takes for the body to absorb nutrients from the stomach. We experience a huge surge of energy from DTTN and eradicate the tiredness from eating through the mouth. The brain requires 20% of the body’s total haul of energy and Taoist and Chinese medical opinion is that most mental illness is simply caused by malnutrition. At the same time as feeding the brain, DTTN will cool the brain. A cool brain increases its capacity to function and greatly improves overall performance. Based on research cited in our book, man/womankind’s evolution took place once we were able to combat heat more effectively, through loss of hair, the development of eccrine sweat glands and via the harnessing of nature. Our brains then became available for further cognitive functions; we began to evolve as beings and take our role as stewards on earth.

Kelly Ra has fashioned his own form of exercise to complement all of the above. The Pyramid Process Yoga fitness includes an adapted version of the bridge/crab/scorpion and takes it much further. The practitioner develops, hones and stretches every muscle and joint in one move and can practice on the wall in their own homes. He has also invented his own swimming abilities that tone muscle in a calm, relaxed manner. In addition, the sacred lotus in the water and on land is vital for spiritual heights and is another technique we employ.

We eat organic, green foods such as salad, vegetables and hemp seed, removing foodstuffs such as grains, dairy and meat. The elixir is best when the internal system is packed with food that hydrates and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The elixir cleanses the internal network and organs, it creates the necessary environment to assimilate green foods, quickly turning essence into energy that sustains and nourishes.

We are also interested in numerous healing arts from lucid dreaming, poetry and music, crystals, astrology and sun gazing to name a few.

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The book, ‘The Experiences of Drinking Elixir through the Nose’ , elaborates on all of the above, with extensive scientific research, referencing numerous holistic writers, including step by step guides with photos.  To obtain a free download please see our website:   

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