The Wonderful World of Psychometry


By Leigh Rebekha

As a Psychic Medium, there are several ways in which I could potentially work with Spirit. Whether that be hearing, seeing or feeling sensations given to me. The way I work is by using a method called Psychometry. Psychometry is being able to sense feelings, emotions and possibly getting messages through Spirit, by using an inanimate object such as a piece of jewellery or keys. I like to use metal objects as to me they are a natural object and hold the most memory. When something has been in our aura that long it will start to retain information about that person. It’s as if you’re carrying a large file around with you and all your thoughts, actions and feelings get banked in there, only to be unlocked and discovered at opportune moments. Have you ever passed someone their keys and sensed something? Subconsciously you are doing Psychometry.

From a young age, I have been able to work with objects in this way, I had no idea there was an actual name for it, up until a few years ago, when I had my first psychic reading.

Since then I have practised with an array of different objects from ribbons to flowers, and even though this works well, I still find metal to be the one that draws me back in, and I get the most information from.

How does it work?
During a reading, I will always ask for a piece of jewellery, keys or something that the person has had for a number of years. Even though metal is my favourite object to work with I don’t find it as good if the person has only had it within the last few weeks or so. Also, if the person hands me a piece of jewellery which wasn’t always theirs, I pick up on the other energies as well which can sometimes be an advantage, if it was passed down from a family member- not so much if it’s a second hand engagement ring which hasn’t had the right cleansing. I think cleansing is important for any kind of jewellery, especially if it is second hand and has come from an outside source of which you may not be aware. The easiest way to do this is to pass the object over sage smoke as that should clear any excess energies and make it truly, your own piece.

Once I have the object in my hand I tend to get a flurry of information straight through from Spirit, this can be smells, feelings and even sometimes very concise messages (this works particularly well if the client has brought something in from a passed loved one). I relay all the information to the client and continue to work with the object throughout the duration of the reading. I tend to find that I get a lot more information from an object than I do from simply using tarot cards. I do read the cards but find that sometimes these are not really needed and instead they are there more for the client to look at and have something to focus on.

My favourite way of working though is doing platform work. I love being able to pass over messages by holding onto a ring or a set of keys and giving people a little taster of what I can do. I have noticed over the year, that I have been doing this work professionally, my audiences are getting slightly bigger each time and I’m getting return customers. There will be times when I get things incorrect or something may not quite fit but then I am only human and mistakes can be made. That is how we learn and get better at our craft.

I encourage anyone and everyone to try psychometry, you’ll be surprised at just how much information you can get!leigh-knowles1

About the Author: Leigh Rebekha runs Psychic Awareness courses in Manchester; Getting to Grips with Psychometry, which encourages people to open their third eye and delve into the wonderful world of working with inanimate objects.


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