The Three Stages of Feminine Empowerment

Which Phase Are You In? asks Tanishka

Empowerment…like anything in life is a step-by-step journey. When we have a map to identify each step it becomes easier to navigate our way and progress from one stage to the next.

Below are the three stages we traverse in our journey to become truly empowered women. Observe which one resonates and apply the practical suggestions to master the lesson of each stage.

  1. Stage One: Disempowered Feminine

Given the lack of initiation rites for teenage girls the majority of women fall into this category. Why? What we don’t understand we can’t embrace. If we don’t receive mentoring beyond the physical changes we experience in puberty we struggle to fully embrace all of our feminine sensibilities, which leads to private shame, self-criticism and self-loathing.

Without a clear idea of what it means to be a woman we look externally for cues on which to base our self-expression and identity, such as ads, video clips and magazines. In this mindset it is inevitable we end up exhausting ourselves with constant comparisons with others and overdoing in an effort to win approval and affection from everyone but ourselves. In this first stage we fantasise about falling in love with someone who will rescue us from our unhappiness by proving to us how lovable and beautiful we are.

By seeking external solutions we are destined to experience a roller coaster of emotions, especially when we don’t know how to balance our emotions by synchronising our needs with the fluctuating lunar cycle and reducing sugar, caffeine and alcohol to minimise our hormonal mood swings.

Practical tips to transition to the next stage:

  • Spend time alone to know yourself
  • Develop self-reliance by learning new skills and commit to self-growth
  • Express your feelings through art
  • Record your dreams in a journal and analyse the messages from your inner self
  1. Stage Two: Semi-Empowered Feminine

The transition into this stage often occurs when we become so disillusioned with our quest for true love that we decide to take matters into our own hands and focus on taking responsibility for our own happiness. We start an inner dialogue with ourselves, through journal writing, self-development books and workshops which increase personal awareness and inner direction. This is when we learn to take care of ourselves instead of awaiting a saviour.

Many women become so good at taking care of their needs they get stuck in their masculine expression – providing and protecting themselves in order to feel safe. We may choose partners we can dominate so we stay in control by ‘wearing the pants’. We may disassociate from our feelings as a form of self-preservation. Over time this causes health problems as a masculine approach to life causes hysteria within our nervous system due to the denial of our true feminine needs: to feel held and supported so we can inspire, love and create.

Practical tips to transition to the next stage:

  • Read books on ancient feminine wisdom
  • Learn about the lunar cycle so you can live in alignment with it
  • Find a Red Tent women’s circle to attend
  • Study the chakra archetypes to empower their expression and feel whole
  1. Stage Three: Empowered Feminine

This is the stage when we revisit our feminine on the understanding that it’s unsustainable for our masculine to continue to dominate our feminine expression. This may be due to a catalyst such as ill health or burn out. Change happens when we receive our overdue initiation into womanhood by seeking mentoring in the form of books, courses or workshops that empower us with ancient women’s wisdom…insights that transform how we see ourselves as women.

We accelerate our feminine empowerment when we understand the effect the lunar phases have on our psyche and energy levels and adopt feminine practices to meet our needs on a cyclic basis. e.g. having the ongoing support of a women’s circle so we feel held energetically and emotionally during the darkest lunar phase and can process issues that surface so we feel integrated instead of isolated and overwhelmed.

By understanding and empowering each of the 7 x feminine and masculine aspects that govern the chakras and comprise our multi-faceted Soul we become a vessel for the sacred feminine – a complete Soul, embodied in a female form.

Our editor Claire Gillman talks to Tanishka about her work. Listen to the podcast below.

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About the author: Best known as ‘The Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her lunar blog, Tanishka is the best selling author of 5 books on female empowerment. Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ is out June 6 in conjunction with her ‘Goddess Wisdom’ online course for Hay House. visit her website for more information.




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