“The Seven Sacred Symbol Assignment” an excerpt from the book “Spirit Nudges: Proof That Spirit Is Never Far Away”

“The Seven Sacred Symbol Assignment”  an excerpt from the book  “Spirit Nudges: Proof That Spirit Is Never Far Away”  by Michelle Rathore – out now at Amazon.

Waking early one spring morning in March 2009 and could see the sun shining around the edges of the closed curtain.   Through the stillness in the room I heard a voice say to me, “You will be working with seven sacred symbols.”  I lay there, motionless, waiting for more information.  I needed Spirit to tell me what these symbols were – where to find them and, most importantly, what to do with the symbols when I had found them. But, that’s all the voice said and I was left to try to figure out the rest for myself, or so I thought.

Having been aware of Spirit since I was a child I knew that this brief message was the first time they had ever made an ‘announcement’.   A life spent working with Spirit has taught me one thing is certain – when Spirit talks – I listen.

As I was not an artist at that time what was to occur over the next 10 months really amazed me.  I know deep in my being that the gifts of psychic mediumship I was born with are really all of our natural states of being whether we acknowledge and use them or not.  I know when information is flowing and I have a ‘good connection’.   Perhaps the whole journey up to this point was preparing me for what would happen next.  Perhaps I had needed to develop enough trust and experience to bring through the information in the form of visual mnemonics and associated messages that would be flowing through me to the physical world.   Each painting emits a vibration which may be used in meditation or contemplation.  Symbols are keys.  Keys open doorways – sometimes to you and sometimes to other (higher) dimensions.  Only the observer can determine which key is most beneficial at a particular point in their sacred journey.

I fully understand that one of the symbols is very controversial but keep in mind that this is not a project I have assembled.  It is an assignment I have dutifully been bringing to life.   There are times when being of service you don’t have the luxury of asking your Boss, “Why?”    You just do it.

Om – The Creation:  The symbols came to me in a variety of ways.   The first painting was completely channelled and I was just the person who happened to keep putting the paint brush in first one colour and then the next.  A burst of insight came through me and organized itself on the canvas.

Tetra-gammadion:  The next symbol was shown to me one morning as I got dressed.  A blank canvas appeared in front of me and as I quizzed Spirit they continued to show me more and more of the image I was to reproduce.  I was less than ecstatic with what I was shown.  That is, until I learned what the symbol really meant!

Maya with Diamonds: As for the third symbol, I had been clearing away my daughters sketching materials and I sat down for a ‘breather’ on the sofa.   The pencil in my hand began to move across the paper and Maya actually drew herself on the page.  The first painting of Maya was destroyed by accident and I had to completely start over.  I jokingly told a friend, ”Maya must not have liked the way the painting turned out.”

Eye of Consciousness:  The fourth symbol was also channelled over the course of eight hours on one fine sunny summer day as my children played in the garden.  They would pop into the conservatory occasionally to see how things were developing and then toddle off to play in the sun again.  The Eye of Consciousness was coming through in more than one way that day.


Puja – The Unity:  The fifth painting seemed to be the hardest and take the longest.  I looked at a blank canvas for many weeks petitioning Spirit to just show me what to do.  The painting which Spirit called ‘Puja’ was full of messages and at one point I had a door of white light open in my conservatory and many Masters came walking through the light and vanished into the painting.  I was left feeling very humble that day indeed.

Peacock Feather – The Avatar:  The sixth painting was a flash of insight but took me several weeks of research to fully understand the depth of meanings involved in a peacock feather.

The Master’s Staff ‘:  The seventh painting occurred in a brilliant vision.  I was in a room full of living white light.  It was the whitest of whites I have ever seen and even the air seemed to be alive.  The next day I was trying to sketch what I had been shown so I wouldn’t forget any of it (like that’s going to ever happen!)  Once again, Spirit spoke to me, “You were allowed to see The Master.”   It was very difficult trying to figure out how to paint an all white picture!

Since finishing The Assignment I have continued to receive more information to bring through in paintings for Spirit.  I have pretty much stopped giving private readings and have devoted all my spare time to working with Spirit in this way.   I wait with a daily mixture of excitement and trepidation for my next instructions.  I had never been an artist before Spirit instructed me to work on the Seven Sacred Symbol Assignment and I’ve never written a book either but Spirit have me doing that now too.

To see full set of symbols visit www.IAmAndSoAreYou.com

More info on book www.SpiritNudges.com  Or Amazon

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