The Path By Cephalodidge

The Path

By Cephalodidge


( Sounds from the woods, outback, beaches and steppes; Cephalodidge’s inspiration is the landscape, viewed via a pagan prism. It’s mostly the work of one man, Joe Caudwell, performed on acoustic guitar, djembe drum and, dominating the scenery, mountainous didgeridoo. While there are calm tunes to promote a meditative atmosphere, Cephalodidge also recalls 80s rave culture, when seekers trekked the countryside for rhythmic release. Hence ‘Bioluminescence-Stargaze’ opens innocently but peaks with rhythmic intensity, although like the rest of the CD, it sounds natural, relying on the digeridoo to generate its otherworldly electricity. A worthwhile debut, full of warmth. Belle Puri

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