The March Full Moon and What it Means For You!

The  Spring Equinox is on March 20, this will give power and strength to Wednesday March 23 as then we have the March full Moon, this moon is known variously as a  Crow moon, Sap moon or Lenten moon for obvious reasons, it signals the coming to life of all nature, the leaves come back on the trees, and the early flowers show their faces, this is called the Greening and the Green Man, the spirit of the green  was said to be part of this happy event; Indeed the reincarnation of all that died for the Winter.

The ancient Anglo Saxons believed that the spring birdsong would bring renewed life to the earth and you might be surprised to learn that the reason churches have spires is that they act as phallic symbols to fertilise the Earth’s bounty.

Wednesday is Wotan’s Day,  and he is  related to Mercury, the messenger to the Gods and who rules Gemini, the sign of the twins.

This full moon is March 23 a Mercurial number which is at its height with Gemini the communicator, and the moon at 12 o’clock will be at its most powerful.

If you wish to contact any missing loves or friends, Midday on March 23 is the correct time to do so and here’s how: Make a drawing with their face and name and concentrate and meditate on them and ask that they may come back into your life.

Then burn it sending its message to the cosmos!

Terry Stokes is a World -renowned expert on Palmistry and author of many articles and his new book,  50 Case studies in Modern Palmistry, is available at Watkins Books

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