The Last Dragonfly

The Last Dragonfly

by Jakub Levine & John B Levine



 John B. Levine’s reasoning in creating The Last Dragonfly is that music can help children, including teenagers that mostly choose rock music over any other style. “When children become angry their emotions are limited, and their abilities to focus and concentrate are weakened, and this ultimately holds back their learning potential,” says Levine.

Jakub Levine, John’s son and a teenager himself at the time the CD was recorded, is the gifted guitar player on all the tracks. It was he who composed the guitar and melody lines, with the minimum of help from John and the production team. The mood and style keep changing throughout the album, as the tempo steps down one track at a time. The album starts with almost straight rock rhythms and melodies, it is fast and even a little agressive. However by the time you reach the last and completely chilled track, entitled ‘7 months’, the tempo, beat, use of guitar and melody have changed so much that you almost feel as if you have changed album without lifting a finger.

What Levine has tried to accomplish is a good idea, as long as it is understood that it is intended for teenagers to play in addition to their normal play list, at times when they need to get into the groove with their studies (presumably only with the later tracks, however!), or other activities which require focus. Whilst it is targeted at children, this makes for upbeat listening for all ages. Natasha Kumar

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