The Inner Cause: Trust and Fear

We are born open and trusting, and then something happens. We begin to learn. We are affected by incidents happening around us, and these events shape our understanding of the world around us, and how we react to stimuli.

Some of the reactions we pick up are reasonable (Fire is hot, take care while walking down stairs, etc.) and help us to function in a safe way. Some others (people always want something from you, love hurts, etc.) create a sense of separation and mistrust, and may not always function in our best interests.

While we always have excellent reasons for the decisions we make, we have to go beyond self-justification to ask ourselves whether these choices work for us. Do they leave us in balance, and allow us to function as social beings? If not, we must find alternatives.

The Body Mirror System of Healing works with the idea that our consciousness is composed of seven discreet parts, each of which is associated with an energy center called a chakra. The sense of trust is associated with the energy center we know as the Root Chakra. When this center is in its clear state, we feel confident, secure, and present in the here and now. Tension in this part of our consciousness is experienced as insecurity or mistrust. More tension there is experienced as fear. Even more tension there is experienced as a threat to survival. Often, when this chakra is not clear, the person may have a tendency to live in scenarios in their head, rather than seeing and experiencing what is happening in the Here and Now around them.

When lack of trust becomes a constant filter of fear through which we see the world, this condition is reflected in the root chakra. If carried to an extreme, it can result in symptoms on the physical level affecting the lower spine, the legs, the elimination system, and/or the skeleton system.

If someone has a symptom, then, which shows that there is tension in the root chakra, we know that they are seeing the world through a perceptual filter of insecurity or fear, or non-trust, and that these perceptions may not represent the truth of what is. We also know that when the symptom is healed at all levels, and this filter of fear removed from their perceptions, they will once again see things as they really are, rather than having a distorted view.

When the individual is clear in their consciousness, they will also know the difference between a lack of trust which is based on fear, and the same perception when it is the result of listening to their intuition or instinct.

Intuition is the communication link between our personality and our higher self, that level within each of us where all is known. The communication is very simple – either it feels good, or it doesn’t. Everything else is politics. When we listen to this inner voice, it always guides us to success in what we do. When we don’t listen, we feel more and more resistance until we stop what we are doing, and listen again. When we say

“I should have listened to that little voice…”

it means we must have heard it.

When we change direction and do what we know is the right thing, there is a release of tension, we feel more alive, and we know we are again on course. If we continue to not listen, the tension increases, until it reaches the physical level. We create a symptom which speaks a language describing the metaphoric meaning of the symptom. This message becomes clear when we describe the symptom from the point of view that we created it. For example, rather than saying, “I can’t see,” we can say, “I’m keeping myself from seeing something.” Rather than, “I can’t walk,” we can say, “I have been keeping myself from walking away from a situation in which I have not been happy.” And so on.

When we listen to the message, and get on course again, the tension is released from our consciousness, and can then be released from our body as well. We return to our natural state of health and happiness.

Thus, as we are on our path watching the unfolding of events, and whether they work for us or not, whether or not they result in our harmony and wholeness, we can learn more and more to trust this inner voice, and where it guides us. When we listen to this inner voice, we know that we are being guided by Spirit, which has a much broader view than our own.

This sense of trust can be our faithful guide letting us know about people and situations, and which serve us best. We can learn to trust that this guidance will always consider our sensitivities, and guide us to success.

About Martin Brofman:

Martin’s latest book, The Inner Cause: A Psychology of Symptoms from A to Z, is available in the UK and was published by our Findhorn Press imprint

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