The Hidden Messages in Water – Dr Masaru Emoto

Many of you will have heard of Dr Masaru Emoto.  He is the Japanese scientist who did some experiments on water and then went on to write several books about the Hidden Messages in Water.  He discovered that by putting water in 2 separate jars, labelling them up, one with LOVE and one with HATE, freezing the water for 3 hours at -4˚F and then photographing the crystals. The one that had love projected on it was symmetrical, all beautiful shapes and colours, whilst the one labelled with hate was grotesque, misshapen and dull.

His research went on to deeper and greater discoveries, much of which can be read about in his books and studies and although disputed by some powers that be, his work and philosophy has reached millions and inspired many to do their own studies and work with this principle.

After his recent visit to the UK, Dr. Emoto had this to say about the British people he’d met over here…

“ The consciousness of English people has been changed. 

At first in this tour, the only plan of lecture in England was at Cheltenham. 400 people came to the lecture in Cheltenham and made the lecture hall full. Then all of the sudden, we got requests for lectures one after another, as a result I gave lectures in six cities in England and received standing ovations in every lecture. Furthermore, I have received several requests of lecture from six more cities in England.

When I first visited in England I felt a specific English wavelength. I felt that people were sceptical.  However this time, I felt that people are saying, ” Yes, we accepted you. We believe in you. We finally understood your real intention.” 

English people were tough, but I am now satisfied that I changed their consciousness first time in 10 years.


– The children’s book of “Message from water” is becoming very popular.

In this tour, in England, Italy and Czech Republic, several people offered to become sponsors of the children’s book of “Message from Water”. When I visit their country next time, I am sure those books are already published in each languages.

In Germany, twenty thousand copies have been printed and they were handed out to people at the lectures. A German guy, named Nicholas who had planned and conducted this project gathered many sponsor companies. He showed us a perfect model case for this project.

A very famous Swiss TV producer promised me to make a Swiss version of this book and spread them in Switzerland.


Like this, the awareness of people towards water has been increasing and it is spreading all over the world. I will continue to travel all over the world with my lame legs therefore I kindly ask for your on-going support.”                                  

I was delighted and honoured to arrange a seminar in March in Bournemouth for Dr Emoto and many people asked me how I managed to get such an esteemed international speaker to our little town.  The answer has both a simple and a longer answer….

The simple answer is that I just asked. The longer answer is that I happened to be at a talk by Robert Holden (also coming to Bournemouth next year) in Cheltenham and on the wall there was a small but significant poster announcing that Dr Emoto was coming to Britain in the Spring.  When I got home, this came back to my mind, so I sent off an email, asking if he would like to come to Bournemouth.  Time went by and I had forgotten all about it… that is until his son, Hiro called me and emailed me to say YES, he could to Bournemouth and could he come a week on Saturday.  This was a Thursday!   I thought about it for about a minute and a half before deciding this was a wonderful opportunity, not only for the Spiritual Shepherdess Group to organise this presentation but also for the good folk of Bournemouth to be able to meet and hear this very polite, likeable, humorous, humble and spiritual man, talk from his heart about the work that he loves.

In just 8 days we managed to put together 400 people, a hotel, an interpreter, arranged to get Dr Emoto to Bournemouth and sell tickets.  It was quite a whirlwind but a happy one, full of positive energy, drive and potential.  The room was filled with so many people keen to hear first hand the story of how this research has spread globally to help so many people.  Dr Emoto featured quite prominently in the film “What the Bleep” and his books are sold on the worldwide stage.  What was nice for me, was to see so many people connecting and sharing… meeting friends and making new friends, meeting people they had only met on Facebook so far and making discoveries about who was who and putting names to faces etc – the air was electric with anticipation and Dr Emoto did not disappoint.

The atmosphere was one that I had never experienced before, full of love and hope and promise of an exciting future… one where we connect on all levels with our fellow sharers of this planet and a few times during the evening I paused to just feel what was going on in that room.  When John Lennon’s “Imagine” was playing and Dr Emoto explained his research about music and how notes put together in a particular way with words and emotion can have such a profound effect on our mind, body and soul, I could just feel everyone in their own little bubble, soaking up the energy in a way that is so difficult to explain.  That little bit alone was worth every drop!

For more information on Dr Emoto’s research, whether you like the scientific evidence or the spiritual approach, just google Masaru Emoto.  There are many websites and (many) Facebook pages.

For me, I am just so honoured and privileged to be able to say he has chosen to return again to the UK in the autumn and he has asked me (yes, little ole me!), to host 4 seminars in 4 different venues – London, Birmingham, Bristol and Southampton (see advert). So if you would like to experience this unique event yourself, get in touch and I will be sure to let you know when tickets go on sale.  Dr Emoto is keen that everyone should be able to share in his lifetimes work and has therefore kept his costs down as much as possible to enable this to happen.  His vision is to preserve this beautiful planet for the enjoyment and benefit of his grandchildren and he is a truly remarkable, gentle-man.

I hope you can join us at one of the venues.

With much love and warm wishes


Spiritual Shepherdess

‘Gathering people together for spiritual and personal growth purposes’


Telephone: 01202 828786


Here is some of the feedback from the event in March:

Incredible Jackie! What an awesome reason for gathering together so many heart-centred folk. It felt like a tribe in celebration with one of its elders, and that we were party to something quite extra-ordinary and I thank you broadly with a big smile and of course, love and gratitude for making it so.  Clara (Lymington and of Express FM (radio))

Many many thanks Jackie for putting on a great show at such short notice. Truly inspiring and fantastic to see so many beautiful people in one place, one time, united in respect and admiration for ‘an ordinary man’ who cares so deeply about his grandchild that he wants to change the whole planet and benefit the world. What greater love is there for us all to aspire to? With blessings – Paul, Bournemouth (Polaris AB)

Wonderful evening, fantastic talk from Dr Emoto, so very uplifting and inspiring. I really feel I can get my head round Einstein’s theory of relativity for the first time in my life! He tied everything up so well. THANK YOU JACKIE!! – Magenta – Verwood

“Awesome evening, thanks Jackie for pulling it together in such short order.” – Juliet – Gosport

Thank you Jackie and all who helped, for bringing us all together. Dr Emoto is truly blessed, and his love touched me to the core, especially his words ‘I need to achieve world peace for my grandchildren’. So timely. with love and gratitude. Ulrike – Bournemouth

Well done Jackie a truly wonderful evening organised by you and your team. It felt like a landmark event bringing everyone together to celebrate Dr Emoto and his work. Thank you.  Richard – Verwood

A truly inspiring evening thank you again Jackie. – Cathryn, Dorset

WOW! over 400 like-minded people at the Carrington House Hotel listening to the words of wisdom and experience of an ‘ordinary man’ Dr. Emoto is so humble, loving and generous, spreading his important message to us so that we start GETTING IT! The quality of our consciousness really does affect us and the planet…good/bad?…OUR CHOICE

Thank you so much Jackie Deakin for making it happen. Ildiko – Bournemouth


Thank you for manifesting this event. I really enjoyed it wholeheartedly!! – Laura – Dorset


Very well done Jackie, you and all your team did a fantastic job in just 8 days. How awesome is that ? I felt privileged to be there in Mr Emoto ‘s company and his utterly lovely translator. She needed to be applauded more! The energy and interest in the room was fantastic and it took us all to another level of understanding on such an important issue . Getting my answer to my question from the big man himself was a joy and I shall continue to place positive words and hado cards in with all the ANOUSTA skincare products I make so that their energy and vibration is the best it can be before people use the bodycare products. I do thank you so much for organising it so well.  – Linda, Wimborne


Thank you Jackie! A fantastic evening, well organised and totally inspiring!!! – Sheela, Bournemouth


Thank you very much Jaquie. What a man. Interesting research and beautiful message. Definitely one of the best evenings in Bournemouth in a long time. God bless with LOVE and GRATTITUDE.  Alex – Dorset


I was really feeling the love last night, and I mean that sincerely. there were some moments, like during the John Lennon track, where i thought here i am listening to this beautiful toon with amazing words in this room with so many of my tribe and people i love and respect, and Dr Emoto spreading his loving intentions so beautifully and I was blissed out. It felt very moving. If I could have bottled that I would sip some forever. – Jude, Hampshire


Thank you so much Jackie for your part in putting this wonderful experience together… thank you for asking … AND allowing .. 🙂 I feel truly blessed to have heard this beautiful ‘Messenger of Water’ speak.. 🙂 Big Hug to your Team too.. Love and Thanks – Sharon, Hampshire


What an extra-ordinary man! He would refer to himself as being just an ordinary man at various times during the evening…he is so not! so what is this word ‘extra’ordinary? It would appear that the more we embody our humble place on the planet the more love and gratitude shine through 🙂 learned so much from being in his easy going humorous international Japanese Elder, what JOY in FLOW 🙂 Altogether now…’Imagine all the people, living for today.  Clara, Dorset


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