The Gospel of Falling Down – Review

Mark Townsend is ‘One who lives and thinks outside the box!’ Bishop. John Shelby Spong and how correct he is!

The newly revised and updated version of ‘The Gospel of Falling Down’  brings a very human,  captivating and inspiring personal spiritual journey into present time and includes all the valuable lessons learned along the way!

The sub heading is very apt as author, Hedge Priest and dazzling magician Mark Townsend tells of his journey away from the rules and regulations of organised religion’s dogmas and harsh,  biting self- criticism as he flowers into the person many know and love today who resonates compassion for the World and innovates with wonderful ideas for helping people to embrace spirituality in many different ways.

You really live the pain of Mark’s battle with self-worth, agonise with him through all the major life decisions and rejoice in the passion of the wonderful revelations as each one happens.  The reader can genuinely empathise strongly with every line.

This book really makes me stop and think as I, along with many Humans self-criticise and take knocks to our self-worth and confidence. Many are on journeys as they discover that their lives are not quite what they want but more what the lives they (or their peers) think that they should be living and may Mark inspire many more to find their own integrous, authentic path and take their own journey to happiness!

Reviewed by Joanne Hunt; Kindred Spirit Magazine.

Mark Townsend has written 6 best-selling books, all available on Amazon including:

Jesus Outside the Box: Twelve Spiritual Tales of the Unexpected &  The Path of the Blue Raven. Mark also 
Mark has been  an Independent Priest since June 2011. His ‘Parish’ has no geographical boundaries, leaving him free to offer his services and ceremonies to all. Please do visit his website below.

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