The Fragrance of Home – How Does Your Home Smell?

Alina, a member of the Smells Like Spells coven, recommends aromas for your home

Scent is an invisible substance that creates and fills up spaces. The scents of our living spaces are very influential as home is the place where we spend the most of our time.

In the sleeping area sweet, intoxicating and romantic aromas should be used, such as rose, jasmine, and verbena. These scents are considered to be aphrodisiacs, inducing affection, dedication, and passion. These aromas are prevailing in ancient descriptions of love rituals, for it is believed that they attract love, passion and romantic relationships. In order to enhance their effect, the aroma of vanilla can also be used, which induces openness, goodwill, and spiritual freedom, while a drop of neroli (orange blossoms) essence will bring fertility. If, instead, you want your bedroom to become an oasis for rest and relaxation, the aromas of lavender, sandalwood, hibiscus and water lilies will bring calm and harmony, help to relax and drive your worries away. All tonic aromas, such as citrus scents and intensive, “heavy” resin scents, should be avoided in the bedroom space. Orchid, both the plant and its scent, should also be absent from the bedroom, as it is an egoistic and vampiric plant that feeds on the surrounding energies and brings out egoism and egocentrism.

For maintaining home harmony, coherence and protection, the aromas of cedar, almond, tobacco blossoms and spices should be used. These will create a cozy and warm atmosphere, while the scent of cinnamon might induce good mood. Such aromas are particularly suitable for a living room or other home areas where family members often gather and spend a lot of time together. Juniper and sage have been used since ancient times to cleanse homes from negative energies. Incense made of these plants can help cleanse homes’ and their dwellers’ energy fields as well as protect from negative energies and attacks of anger and envy.

The career and work areas may be enhanced by using patchouli, ambergris and myrrh aromas that, since ancient times, have been considered symbols of luxury and achievement. Noble and rich aromas not only attract money, but also create a calm and soothing atmosphere and help concentrate. These aromas in form of essential oils, incense or aromatic candles will have the best effect when placed on your work-table.

The bathroom has always carried the meaning of clean mind and body, therefore it should smell of peppermint, eucalyptus and sea. These scents will help to drive redundant and frustrating thoughts away from your mind, while invigorating the body and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The hallway is a perfect place for using aromas possessing protective qualities: juniper and juniper berries, pine, cedar, laurel or oriental spices. These scents will form a protective barrier and safeguard your homes from negative energies that might follow you daily from work, meetings or entertainment.


About Us

At SMELLS LIKE SPELLS, we hand-make home fragrances, aromatic candles and incense, using unique recipes, and in line with the major perfumery canons. At first the fragrance pyramid will reveal light and expressive top notes, for instance, tobacco and laurel, which will later be replaced by sublime base notes, such as black agarwood, myrrh, ambergris or other aromas. Our aromas are created by employing ancient secrets of magic so that they help you to achieve the desired effect. Each of our products (aromatic candles, home fragrances and incense) are devoted to a specific Norse god or goddess. We believe that the fragrance’s components and a simple ritual (the description of which accompanies each product) might help you to harmonize your environment and attract love or wealth to your home.

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