The End of Suffering by John Newton

All things being equal, our bodies want to heal. Releasing stress is a natural part of our evolution and living a path of joyous fulfillment is your birthright. If this doesn’t describe your experience, you may be limited by unresolved past events from your life and ancestral lineage.

Our nervous systems are designed to avoid pain and move toward pleasure, however humans are also unique in the animal kingdom: We have the ability to reason; to give meaning to events and circumstances which in turn leave imprints deep in our nervous system. This cycle of unresolved ‘karma’ has eroded our free will and given rise to our experience of suffering.

We are born into bodies that are already programmed from our parents, grandparents and ancestors going back many generations. There have been wars, slavery, holocaust and injustice of every kind. For the most part, these experiences have gone unresolved, only to be passed on to subsequent generations. Modern science has discovered that we carry some of this unresolved burden as attachments to our DNA. These measurable imprints called epigenomes have a profound effect on virtually every area of our lives: Behavior, beliefs, resilience to stress, healing response, addiction and even our ability to create success.

If we don’t feel good, we can try to push through or even ‘be positive’, but more often than not, this proves futile.  Being positive about things that need to be resolved at their source is like spraying perfume on something rotting in the basement.

Over the last several thousand years, humans have devolved to avoid things that don’t feel good based on the meaning we’ve assigned to past events. In simple terms, if we feel angry, most of us don’t allow ourselves to go deeper into the root of what is actually being triggered by the current event. We stay at the level of anger – feeding it with judgment of the person we think made us ‘angry’, even though they aren’t the true cause of the anger we feel. They triggered something that was already dormant and unconscious in us. As we ‘re-act’ to them or the current circumstance we are now two steps away from the true resolution. So how do we access that which authored our narrative – authored the very program that affects every aspect of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial?

You are created in the image and likeness of the Creator – The All That Is. This ‘Being’ part of us doesn’t suffer. It’s just aware. It’s aware of all that shows up, but more importantly, it’s aware of itself. When we connect directly with this awareness of who we are, we have access to rewriting our past using a specific recipe of targeted peace-­making and forgiveness. It is this resolution that brings about our liberation – creating a future of unlimited possibility.

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John’s techniques appear deceptively simple,  yet they are profoundly effective- almost magical at times.” — Sheila Kar MD, Fmr. Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Here is a video with John offering a direct experience of Ancestral Clearing

John will be offering Group Events starting June 1st from 7:30-9pm at the Hilton London Green Park.

He will be sharing profound knowledge, insights and will work directly with individuals on their specific issues. Thousands of people all over the world have reported dramatic improvements with John’s work in hospital and clinical settings including: chronic stress, relationship issues, addiction, headaches, back and joint pain, arthritis, weight issues, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, auto -immune disease, financial uncertainty, fears and phobias, low self esteem, clarity of purpose & conflict resolution.

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