The Distance Between Us and Our Happiness is The One We Create

In the fabric of existence, the Microcosm always reflects the Macrocosm.

In other words, our Inner Beings reflect the complex structure of the Universe and its creation. This offers an ultimate inter-connectedness in which we reflect, and are connected to, many different dimensions. Due to this inborn privilege and specificity of our Microcosm, we have the chance to connect with whichever dimensional reality we are open to.

Such realities may be populated by different beings, who correspond with that specific level of vibration; in experiencing their vibrational reality we can connect with them and their level of consciousness.

All major spiritual traditions of this Earth speak about the existence of such beings. Some of the most widely known examples are the Angels. They are superior beings, with a very elevated consciousness and their actions reflect the Universal principles of harmony, love and wisdom. The higher the vibration of a consciousness or reality, the higher the overall vision. The lower we go on the dimensional frequency range, the greater the duality, confusion, and negativity.

Those who aspire towards high ideals of Being and raise their overall frequency of vibration can enter spontaneously into resonance with Angelic Realms.

Due to their purity and lack of prejudices, children are natively endowed with the ability to perceive Angels and other Beings of Light. Us adults are often dismissive of such phenomena, simply because we have lost the subtle tools of perception with which to see them. For a pure heart and mind though, connecting with the Angelic Realms can become an objective reality.

Here in London, at Tara Yoga Centre, there’s an Angels Group (participation is free based on donations) that has, since 2007, offered to its attendees the possibility of deepening their communion and relationship with Angels, Archangels and the Divine. Participants often share astonishing experiences and synchronicities that happen in and through the Angelic presence. Its members also organise an annual Angels and Archangels week. In 2018 it will run from 28th of October to the 4th of November. The week is full of activities, meditations, artistic events and workshops that assist participants to experience how angels are present in everyday life and how, by co-creating with them consciously and continuously, we may bring the experience of Heaven to Earth.

I could write extensively of the uplifting experiences I had during, and after, each Angels Group meeting or meditation. This time, however, I will share a message I received in the last Tara Angels Group meeting during a meditation in which we aimed to enter into a subtle, telepathic and empathic communion with Archangel Chamuel. The following words are the translation of this overwhelming state and inspiration that I experienced then.

“The distance between us and our happiness is the one we create.”

In our essence, we are happiness. We are pure bliss. Our intimate nature is everything we’d ever hope for because our essence is one with everything. Our superior consciousness it is everything and we are also beyond everything that is manifested. No beginning and no end, we are ecstatic joy, pure existence, we are all that is.

True happiness originates in our being, not our doing. We’re truly happy in doing only when the action is aligned with be-ing, with the meaning of all, even if just intuitively so. We’re not truly happy when just doing without being. When we do in the be-ing state it is not us doing it, even the most demanding actions or tasks, but the existence Itself is doing it through us, and we become a witness in wonder. In Existence is the true rest. Here there is no unfolding, everything just Is. This is the foundation of all creation. It is our most intimate inner nature. It is what we are, always.

We largely ignore or take be-ing for granted and start chasing lights and shadows on the wall. Yet it is only here, in our own True nature and existence, that we can find the happiness we search for. Experiencing happiness drives us to search for more of it; even for the source of it. When we find this eternal beatitude we realise we were never apart from It, because we are It. But just knowing this doesn’t make a big difference, we must direct our awareness there and stay present with this state until we realise it fully.

We create walls between us and our own blissful nature each time we identify with our own false lights and shadows on the wall. Through these projections, worries and judgements, we separate ourselves from the God-given unity in which we already are all that we could ever desire.

In our rush and never-ending quest for happiness outside of ourselves we might have missed acknowledging this simple fact: the only place we can actually experience and find true happiness is inside of our being. We are like the lady who was desperately searching for her precious necklace and when, as a last resort, she asks Providence’s help and puts her hands together in prayer on her chest. She found it there. On her neck. It was always there.


About The Author:

Aneloris is an actor, composer, dancer and choreographer and has practiced yoga for 20 years at Tara Yoga Centre, stating that “I always aspired to get to know my true Self, this essential and most intimate, ineffable inner nature, the place where we find ourselves exactly how we truly are, beyond any masks or ego”. Aneloris has played, directed and choreographed multiple plays and sacred art shows, many of them having angels as a main theme or featured as characters.

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