The Call of the Wild


By Aisha Ali

As the New Year begins, I have been in regular meditation finding my deepest inner peace to limit the agitation I feel about the disturbing changes in the world. It is hard for many to experience such consistent uncertainty and division, nationally and globally.

It is time to Wake up
The year of the Monkey has certainly been a turbulent one. The 28th January brings in the Chinese New Year of the Rooster; it is also the New moon in Aquarius.  This is the best time to start your new year’s resolution and intentions.

The Rooster has a few noticeably admirable qualities; colourful, lively, joyful, initiating, vigilant, protective, brave, persistent, respectful, outstanding, upright, elegant, and has a beautiful voice that wakes the world.

Some of the qualities of the rooster are particularly admirable. He is diligent, has a big heart, gets up the earliest and thinks of others. He also wakes up everybody else!  He does this everyday, never missing the right time. He is fully reliable. He stays positive even on a gloomy rainy day we hear him singing.

The French say that the rooster is the only animal that is still singing in the mud. So they take the rooster as their national symbol.

The rooster in Chinese tradition is, among other things, a symbol of safety, peace and good luck.

Make a Conscious Choice
This is the year of the Call to Adventure, you can expect a roller coaster of a ride this year. The purpose of the Call to Adventure is to wake the hero up. it is opportunity knocking.  It might be a job advertisement or a chance to take a trip.  It could be a new hobby starting up or new neighbours moving in.  These are signs of an opportunity for change. And for growth.

With anything heroic, you must take action.  The hero needs to choose to accept the Call before moving on with the story.  Very often, the Call is refused.  It could be through not taking action (a failure to seize the opportunity) or it could be flat out refusal (I am not going to do it, because I am not good enough, I do not have enough…)

When a great adventure is offered, you don’t refuse it.  Amelia Earhart.

When you receive a Call to Adventure do you answer it? Make sure you have made your peace with the Mundane World, because it has ways of making you stay.

When did you refuse a Call?  Can you identify the reasons behind your refusal? I would love to hear more from you.

Fear is a great motivator
Behind each reason for staying where you are is fear.  You might believe that you are not enough.  You might worry about the embarrassment if you fail.  You might not want to leave the perceived comforts provided by the Mundane World.  You may have been taught that “this is the way it is, just play the game and you will be rewarded”.  This is all fear.

The greatest enemy of fear is a mirror.  Look at your fears, make them explain themselves. They will have no answer because there is no logic in fear (except the fear of falling out of a tree)

Lets all stay Positive!
I know I am exactly in the right place at the right time to be of service and help people become more conscious in their relationships and leadership.

I feel excited about the A Call to Adventure Workshop, I look forward to seeing you and sharing thoughts on how to answer the call to adventure and move towards greater consciousness in relationships, leadership,  empathy and intuition in times of adversity.

Sunday 19th February 2017
Venue North London NW3
Times 10am – 4pm
Fee  £140

In the meantime, meditate a lot, connect to your inner guidance, filter the information you take in do not watch the news too much, be empathic with others. Connect with your own power and answer The Call to Adventure.

Find out more: Aisha Ali is a Consultant Psychotherapist
UKCP reg UKAHPP Accredited MBACP , 

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