The Avebury Dragon Awakes ~ Summer Solstice 2013

I first heard of the Dragon Guardian of Avebury in 1999, when I was told how Ric Weinman and Anthony Gorman, my teachers of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, had watched as the awakening of the Earth Dragon event took place during the solstice celebrations that year. Ric Weinman had previously used VortexHealing® to energetically replace the missing stones and heal the dragon so that it could awaken that year.

It was not until the next cycle on June 21st 2006 that I personally experienced this wondrous event.

We started to gather at sunset the night before. I had just opened my new healing retreat, the Daisy Centres in Glastonbury and we were full of anticipation. Guests had come from all over the world, Israel, Estonia, and some from closer to home, Guildford and London. We started to meditate in a circle of six people; the number became significant later on. At first it was very sweet and blissful, we had surrounded ourselves with crystals and incense, soft music was playing. After about twenty minutes the whole room lit up with this amazing light and into the middle of the circle stepped a Dragon, followed by another one, then another, until there were six huge Dragons in the middle of our circle.

 When in a meditative state, time, space and imagination hold no bounds, anything can arise. These six Dragons, all different shapes, sizes and colours, were somehow connected to each one of us in the circle, they represented our countries and home lands in some way.

 These Dragons encircled us and the energy exchange began from heart to heart. It was so beautiful, but strong and significant. The sounds were out of this world, like a soft tone, a single note opening up to a tuneful lullaby, not what you would expect from dragons. Then the sounds grew to a crescendo, a roar, a rumble and when I looked we were in the middle of a big auditorium with hundreds of Dragons from all over the world all around the circle as high as you could see all gathering for this Conclave of Dragons, a Dragon Fest. The six of us and the six of them coming together like a council of peace, a council of twelve is recognised as the universal law of dialogue, like a jury.

 At the end of the exchange we were jubilant and there was a party atmosphere, the Dragons were celebrating! I was sure in my heart all was well, but my head could not express it, the words were not enough and would become distorted and misunderstood. When we all came back into our bodies, we were all amazed at how our meditative experiences had all been the same.

All six of us had seen and felt the Dragon exchange and could describe the event in great detail. We felt like emissaries on our way to a big meeting to share the messages of the Dragons.

We had been in meditation for a few hours, although it didn’t feel like it. We left straight away to be at Avebury before 2am. We all travelled in the same car and the conversation was surreal, all the fine details of our Dragon Council meeting – it was so clear to each of us.

There were quite a few people already at the stone circle as we arrived and finding somewhere to park should have been hard but by divine guidance we drove straight to a space near the Manor House in the centre of Avebury.

We knew exactly where we were to go for the First Breath, the Dragons had informed us how the Dragon lies in the beautiful landscape; head is the Sanctuary, the belly is the big circle, the tail is Windmill Hill and the Dragon’s egg is Silbury hill.

A number of Vortex Healers® had arranged to meet at the head of the Dragon and others were at the tail, we headed straight for the heart. It is in the field with the most standing stones and many concrete posts marking spots where others and once been. Opposite the entrance to the Red Lion Pub, the main field to the left.

The walk to the Heart Stone was quick, a few people were already there, a few tarpaulins lay on the ground. The drummers were very loud playing on the hill, in the trees. The atmosphere was electric, so much anticipation and merriment.

There were so many people from many different aspects of society in the Stone Circle. A similar sight to the many types of Dragons at the “Dragon Conclave”, this was the name given to us to describe our meeting and I now realise they were choosing by election the Dragon Guardian of Avebury.

As it began to get light, the individuals began gathering in the East, just in front of where we were sitting on our tarpaulin. Paul, my husband, stood up and stepped on the tarpaulin next to ours and there was a scream as the most beautiful woman came out from underneath it. She was dressed all in black, jet black hair and long red nails and red lips, the archetypal Witch.

That’s when we realised we were all representing our realms, I was dressed in white from head to toe, with diamante angel wings on my coat. There were men with horns on their heads, Elementals, Elves and Green men, Faeries, Pixies, Wizards, Wise Men and Women, Pagans and Druids with Staffs and Wands. It was an amazing sight as we joined together and stood in a line facing the direction of the Sunrise.

The Head of the Druids of Avebury sent word for the drummers to cease playing. There were rumblings and then stillness in the air. This is when the Dragon stretches itself into the cosmos, ready for that first breath.

 At the first glimpse of the Sun rise, the head Druid called the “Awen”* three times and this is the moment when the Dragon of Avebury takes in the first slow and steady breath through its Firery mouth at the Sanctuary pulling “Pure Potential Energy” from the cosmos into its belly at the heart of the Stone Circle. As the Dragon breathes out the second breath, this new energy flows through its body, out of its tail, releasing into the earth at Windmill Hill. It is digested and received by the Earth, in ever quickening breaths as the Dragon continues to intake the new energy from the cosmos, absorbing and nurturing Gaia throughout the whole day and night. It flows along the dragon lines, known as ley lines, through the micro lines, through to the divine lines and the vital web of humanity taking seven years to repeat the process.

As the ceremony of the Sunrise continued, the group made a very big circle, acknowledging all those who had attended. The energies were welcomed, from all four quarters as above and as below, from within as without, as the energy of the new cycle was filtered right across the land.

There was a lot of shouting, especially of “Awen”. As you can see below it is very significant as all the clans and realms come together. It was great fun and we really felt like we had participated in something very significant, a good earth work.

*The Druids define Awen as the wisdom, truth and most of all the inspiration, Awen is Nature, the universal power behind life, yet it is never born and shall never die. Awen is a force or energy forged from an indivisible source that is the power behind the physical and non-physical or spirit forms Existence, and distinction between the natural and the super-natural becomes meaningless, as both are the personification of Awen. Every link which is a part of nature, be it a man, animal, plant or elemental force, each holds its own little piece and together make up the whole chain which is Awen. Awen is the spirit of Druid itself, it is knowing, sensing and feeling it in your essence and true being, it is the freedom to accept ones nature. (source )

This summer we hope the event will be as spectacular. People gather from all over the world to take part in this energetic exchange. They come from all walks of life, all the realms are represented by their emissaries, some are conscious of this and others are just there for the party!

These frequencies are imbuing all of creation with the Sacred Cosmic Fire of Ascension, bringing in the radiant light frequencies, keys and codes of the New Earth Template.  The AOA Angels of Awakening are here to support and guide us on this amazing journey with love and grace. 

If you are called to join in any of the ceremonies, classes or celebrations all the information is on my website. I will be delighted to see you, or you may just appear, just like Merlin’s Magic!

We have a four day summer solstice retreat at the Daisy Centres in Glastonbury from the 19th to the 23rd June 2013. We will take guided visits to Stonehenge, Avebury, Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel, St Necturn’s Glen and Glastonbury Tor to walk the dragon energy of the land. There will be many meditations & sound activations at all the sacred sites to activate and integrate the new patterns of energy of 2013.

Much love and many blessings, Daisy     Full schedule available on request. VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with permission.    01458 834 587 or 07970 108156

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