The Arabian Alchemist by Edda Livingston

The following prologue from the book by an American Book Publisher sums up the book beautifully and until i have time to devour the book and review it myself, will suffice as an apt review.

Within the perennial swirl of speculation surrounding the Masters, an extraordinary book has surfaced that appears to shine a light on a very personal side to their existence. If you have ever asked yourself what to expect from a Master, this book gives one a close-up portrait. The author/artist has written a captivating account of being in his presence, where mastery and mystery cannot be fabricated, only transmitted. Who is Michel Nizan? Through the eyes of one who adores him, a man to devote one’s life and love to. “The Arabian Alchemist is also the story of Gullvei. We meet her first, in the midst of her disillusionment with all of the charlatans masquerading as the spiritually enlightened. Fortunately she has the innate sensibility to walk right by their self-delusion or, if necessary, boot them out of the way. With strength of steel her determination propels her and eventually the persistence pays off. Her first sight of her Master is a sublime encounter as she examines the tenor wearing red shoes until she is completely enthralled. Their rapport immediately takes off with sparks and fire. The author creates an atmosphere of love so profuse that reading the book becomes an intoxicating experience. “Gullvei paints Michel Nizan with a lovely hand and graceful style. He is a Master who stands heads above all conventional expectations. He is no specimen of anaemic vegetarianism nor dry scholarly vapidity. Instead, what Gullvei finds is a very alive and virile man. He lives in the world and partakes of it freely. He shirks neither pleasure nor pain. He drinks from the finest goblet – the best that life has to offer. She becomes his ‘ya habibti’, complementing his elegance and culture. A far cry from the self-mortifying ranks of scrawny monks that are held up as spiritual examples. This is a breed of Master polar opposite to what the holier-than- thou moralists would tell you he ‘should’ be. And that is exactly why he is so refreshing and appealing. What better way to find a Master than exuding the bounty of his being about him. With regal bearing his surroundings mirror him. Yet we find that he remains an unknown quantity to all but the select few to whom he chooses to make himself known. He can pass in very public circles undetected because he is also a Master at concealing himself and neither flaunts his powers nor encourages followers. As the recipient of his choicest love, the author brings us in close enough proximity to drink from that fountain of enjoyment. And thus, The Arabian Alchemist begins with a symphony of beauty and a Master who knows how to stir up the passions. “In his mastery over the forces of Nature, he naturally rules over Gullvei as well. Seen through the eyes of one who is completely infused with his will, Gullvei’s experience with her Master will strike a chord in all women who have ever longed for something more than hollow men. The world of Michel and Gullvei is a world where the fairy tale never ends and their love, like gold, never tarnishes. “In an age of sexual confusion and sloppy sentimentality, it is invigorating to find a book that clearly shows how love brings to the fore dignity and surrender. It sweeps out the commonplace and ushers in greatness. Suddenly everything is on a higher level and vibrating rapidly. Thus, pick up this book and never look at men the same again. What passed for ‘love’ before meeting this Master is quickly dissolved and replaced with something magnificent and far more intriguing. For any woman frustrated with today’s stuffed mannequins that pose as the male species, this book will inject new life into their belly. For this book calls to something deep within the female psyche, addressing that restless and rebellious syndrome of the ‘liberated woman’ that can only find peace in the will of a strong man. Following Gullvei’s journey into the inner sanctum is also the way back to the laws of Nature. At last, a man worthy to be called a real man. And yet he reminds her always of his reliance on Higher Powers. “Hand in hand with love comes beautiful music. It is through music that Michel and Gullvei meet and music accompanies them every step of the way. Expect the best to accompany this grand opera and therefore the author chooses Mozart and particularly his Magic Flute. It is woven into the plot with enigmatic references leaving the reader reaching for the internal connection. There is also symbolism from Alchemy throughout and no doubt carefully placed. Here again the curiosity is whetted to decipher the code and uncover the inner meaning. But as we know, that is no easy task. “Humour is always on the menu as Michel Nizan keeps the table lively. Watching him warmly share it along with the wisdom he offers bespeaks of a great and magnanimous spirit. Thus through the author’s skilful rendering, we are given the means to imagine life behind the scenes and in the generous company of a genuine Master. Needless to say it is never dull and he tosses in humour and seriousness with equal finesse. The book seems to float in a rarefied atmosphere of benevolence, where life flows unimpeded and discord is unknown. Then there is the added bonus of meeting Shirley, Mary, and the Mullers – the Maestro and Sophie – a musical couple who have weathered life together and are the key to Gullvei meeting Michel. The author creates much merriment when the antics and exploits of practical experience butt heads with higher wisdom, a menagerie of human follies and foibles intersecting with the expertise of a Master. As they are endearingly portrayed, we too are allowed to share in her fond memories. “Travelling in the company of these two lovers is a radical experience. Ancient and mysterious places such as Istanbul, Paris, and Wales become highly significant and through their single eye, even more alluring. Somehow love has its mystical way of making everything more interesting. “Michel Nizan becomes Gullvei’s whole world. Love in his kingdom is extravagant, a place Gullvei readily calls home. He completely roots out of her all ‘shock-ability’ and shame. He exposes the fallacy of romantic notions and other modern quagmires that lead only to misery and foolishness, going directly to the deeper qualities of love. The formula is simple: He leads and she follows. For modern tastes this may sound too simple and antiquated (preferring the complex and innovative) but in the author’s hands it is so delectable and appetizing that one is dying to submit to it. The Arabian Alchemist is a blueprint for male-female success. The male is above, the female below, and the author knows it works. The benefits of such can be vehemently denied by modern psycho-babble but the results speak for themselves in this consummate love story. What is natural is shown to be the best. “The love between Michel and Gullvei is sacred and undissolvable, reverberating in the reader’s ear. Pure as mountain air, Gullvei recounts their countless adventures, all with the zeal of a Master’s hand. Sit down with this book and be prepared to feast. What is exceptional from the first is the intense communication between the lovers, covering all levels, from the physical to the spiritual, and where nothing is missed. It is a testimony to the author’s skill that she is able to convey that seamless unity and make it sing. If you like a book that speaks to both the head and the heart, this book about Michel Nizan will not disappoint. It taps into the deepest longing that one can have to love from the core of one’s being, as well as the craving to have it one day reciprocated. “Living portraits of the illusive Masters are few and hard to come by. Therefore, the temptation is to make this fictional account into something more than wishful thinking. Forgive me for taking that leap but the marvel of this book is that it not only describes such an encounter but brings it fully into life, making the leap from fiction to fact inevitable. It seems incredible that with such insight the author wrote from a purely imaginary basis; her love is too profound and too compelling. And her enthusiasm is very contagious! What it is like to be in the company of greatness, the author in her own right has masterly conveyed. As Gullvei studied her Master, we have the author to thank for the opportunity to learn something of him as well. “Read this book to be entertained but know that by the end of it your heart will be on fire. What better recommendation for a novel than that it can ignite combustion and possibly even transform the reader. Count on this book to set in motion a tidal wave of desire, drowning out the world’s voices. Life and Love and Art are all wrapped up together. The compelling outcome of Gullvei’s story is how suddenly the impossible seems possible and courage leaps out of its pages. Read this book and come away with a vibrant longing, eager to begin the quest. But let me also warn you that Michel Nizan will keep you awake and listening late into the night, aching to hear his footsteps approaching.



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