The 9 Principles of Awakening, An Interview with Sidra Jafri

Q: Please can you explain what a KEY Awakening Facilitator is?

A: As a KEY Awakening Facilitator my role is to help people rediscover their own talents and strengths by facilitating them to build a life that is in alignment with their heart, mind, body and soul.

During my journey of Awakening the biggest breakthrough that I got was that we have the keys and for me KEYs stands for keep empowering yourself. We all have the keys to empower ourselves; sometimes we just need somebody to tell us where those keys are. A KEY Awakening Facilitator is a person who points people towards the keys to their own lock.

Q: Can you pinpoint the moment when you first felt truly awake, and can you explain what led you to pursue this state of awareness?

A: For me, awakening is not an event, it is an experience, better described as an organic journey. Every day we have opportunities to peel another layer of consciousness, each layer opening up a new state for expansion and wellness.

I’m still on that journey and I too am unravelling layers of consciousness. Each day I see the power it brings and that is what has inspired me to make Awakening my life long mission; not to fix or heal anybody, but just help them to see where they are meant to be looking for the answers.

Q: What motivated you to share this with others? And what feedback have you had from clients and customers?

A: I still get amazed from the feedback we receive from people using Access Body Consciousness (ABC) and The Awakening Principles. I am humbled everyday as our inboxes are filled with the feedback of ABC, from a 5 year old who attended my session and now at that age has a tool to access his own body’s consciousness, to a 60+ year old who is using ABC to find the reason behind his knee pain and headache.

Q: What advice do you give people who are feeling a bit lost or out of touch within their lives?

A: The advice I would give to those who are currently going through a rough period of time or going through broken circumstances is to know that even though you can’t see it right now and even though you may not know it right now, everything on this earth is cyclical. Just like we know that after every night the sun will rise, we know that calmness follows every storm. No matter how bad your circumstances are right now, or no matter how bad you think you are, I say hang in there and know that this too shall pass.

I share these words with you because when I was going through a very tough time in my life, where I had no communication my children, I was ostracized by my community, I had lost touch with friends and family the days felt long and dark. I would wake up with this huge lump of anxiety in my stomach. I had nothing else around me so I would repeat these words as mantra every hour, “this too shall pass and if I can survive this hour I will be ok. This hour will change.” Every time I would feel that anxiety, I would repeat that over and over again. I give you the same advice, especially if you are going through your own challenges then just remember this too shall pass.

Q: Are there small ways in which we can allow a level of awareness into our daily lives – if so, what are they?

A: Everything lies within you! So on a day-to-day basis start taking responsibility for your emotions, start observing your reactions and start observing your own words – are they focused on blame and criticism, or are they encouraging, supportive and inspiring. Becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions is the first step you can take on a daily basis that can transform your life significantly, because let’s face it we are never upset at what happened; we are only upset at what we think should have happened.

Take time to check in with yourself daily. Checking in on your expectation levels and your emotional levels will help you stay in check as to where you are.



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