Terry Stokes' Hand Reading – Hugo Chavez

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” John 15-13

Hugo Chavez was born on 28th July 1954, the 28th July is known by astrological occultists since ancient times as “the day of the height of the sun”  and this day has a very special meaning, the old testament at Deuteronomy 18-10 forbids “an observer of the times”, this tells us that every single day in the year has its own meaning and the number of the date can give important information, many dismiss this kind of thought today but Winston Churchill in W. W. II had teams of people working this stuff to choose the most important dates in the war, and so have several US presidents in recent times.

Chavez was seen as an enemy to the USA and a hero to his own people, because he refused the American oil companies permission to exploit Venezuela’s oil, he also like Gaddafi demanded clean drinking water for his people, but refused to allow the 3 huge water companies who now own the worlds water into Venezuela, because he knew that these water companies are all owned by the World bank which is Rothschild, who then take over the Government.

Instead he worked on cleaning up the 116,000 different pollutants found in drinking water and also spent the money on social programmes, state run food markets, cash extras for poor families, free heath clinics and education, he refused the  lure of spectacular construction projects that adorn Mid East oil rich states and the offers of a palace and secret foreign bank accounts, and gave the wealth to the people, people who refuse foreign multinational and banking control are always demonised, take Gaddafi, Nasser, Assad and Ahmadinejad, as Hillary Clinton said

 Chavez will play by our rules or will not play at all”

Consequently,  this was his main fear that America would attack rob and plunder Venezuela as they did in Iraq  so Chavez took the number of military trained men from 50,000 to 200,000. As Oscar Ameringer said; ” Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.” Chavez was said to speak to all Venezuelans for all Venezuelans, and was said by experts to be a mixture of socialism and Marxism but with an unusual face of democracy and freedom.

If we look at his hands they tell us nothing we have not covered in previous oracle 20-20 articles,

This is not the hand of a politician, politics does not make good men and good men do not make politicians.

Remember only one hand is shown here and we really need both, as the brain crosses over and covers the other side of the body and this being his right or dominant hand, tells of his outward face, and aspects of his future.

This is a Mesomorph hand and in the Cheiro/Benham system of 7 it is an elementary or earth hand, these are people who work with their hands, farmers soldiers sailors people who make things outdoor people who love nature, and Chavez had been all of this.

He has a heavy hand with short fingers corresponding to the fire category, these are people who work often unknowingly from deep rooted quick intuitive thought, and we see the roots of the fingers all in line with a strong Mercury or communications finger, (1) this is often seen with legal people solicitors lawyers, people who can persuade speak their mind, such as salesmen orators and spokesmen.

The heavy curve at the heal of the hand we call Luna (2) tells of Physical energy and in fact the whole side of the hand is curved and bulging with power giving strength and endurance of palmistries 3 worlds, Mind Body and Spirit,  and the palmar part ruled by the planet Mars is very strong indeed, this gives robust health and a strong immune system, lower or Mars positive starts under the beginning to the lifeline (3) and we see here the pugnaciousness of the boxer warrior activist soldier with plenty of strength stamina and drive, but the heart-line shape (4) is unusual in a hand of this type, one would expect this amount of drive and stamina to produce a man who would burn with physical passion and ardour, but there is much self control, and he likes intelligent companionable women, this type usually likes flashy sexy physical women,

A line out of place like this has its own chapter in a book i hope to release later in the year.

His two strongest mounts or finger pads are his Venus mount and his mercury mount,(5) both are high and slightly red in colour showing activity, the strength of his Venus or thumb pad aligned to his strong Mercury which contains the sign of the healing stigmata, (6) shows he would care for and try to use his strength to heal his people.

His fate or destiny line almost stops at his headline at around 35 years of age, (7) showing an intellectual or head based decision to make a change in the direction of his destiny, and soon after his fate line disappears altogether, which coincides with him accepting the leadership position of the Fifth Republic Movement from its foundation in 1997, this is a very unusual marking for a countries leader along with this we see his strong lifeline cutting deep into his hand, this man is indestructible

but alas, his lifeline ends in a large egg shape just visible in the photo,(8) and on March 5 2013 his death was announced.

As he himself admitted when he helped the Palestinian food aid convoys to break the Israeli blockades,

the Israelis threatened to kill him for his involvement”

In 1949 a long forgotten research palmist did many hospital studies and concluded that when the lifeline ends with a large egg shape, this often means cancer.

* Do not confuse the egg shape with an oval square or other shape as these all have their own meanings.

Alexander Litvinenko and Yasser Arafat were both given cancer, and these S American leaders all died of Cancer,

Brazil President Dilma Roussell ,and Lula also from Brazil, Fernando Logo Paraguary, Fidel castro and the Argentinian President Christina Fernandez De kirchner is presently down with Cancer symptoms.

The Soviets had Cancer making chemicals listed at 4 Derzinski Squ Moscow in the cold war chemical warfare initiative of the early 70s, and the US shortly after this.

Incidentally the name Hugo Chavez adds to a number 8 and the Master palmist Chiero says this of number 8 people

“they usually have deep and intense natures and often play some great role on life’s stage, but one which is fatalistic for themselves and for others, and generally have some great government office or government responsibility often involving the greatest sacrifice on their part” The sacrifice of Hugo Chavez for his people was indeed in Government office and one both responsible and fatal.

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