The age of the ‘teen’ has never before been more emotionally and spiritually challenging than it is today. With advancing technology and unrelenting advertising exploiting our young people, it can be a testing time. Channel, speaker, best-selling author and mother Stephanie J. King offers insight and understanding that could help calm the turbulent waters when crossing the oceans between childhood and adulthood.

Traditionally as teens our feelings run deep; we can express overwhelming concern for society, for family and friends and for what is happening in the world. All the while we are ducking and diving through the emotional cross currents of teachers, family, friends and piers, sometimes struggling to conform to pressures, expectations and boundaries that we don’t necessarily agree with, all at the mercy of hormonal tsunamis. At this time the world around us appears to morph from a nurturing place of wonder and security, to a rather more hostile battleground where war seems a constant threat, where society and outlook are ever changing; where most things have already been tried, done or tested, where extremes are the norm and where debt and hard work stretch before us like an abyss. Expectations run high yet life now rarely follows the old adage of hard work through education is rewarded with a career of choice or financial security. And what if we’re not academic? School and learning can seem like a nightmare. Or if we’re particularly quick minded, to keep the pace of everyone else can seem boring. We feel life owes us somehow. But where does this stem from, what are parents also doing to create what is unfolding?

PARENTAL GUIDANCE With our scientific advances and changing attitudes – anyone can be a parent. This is the most challenging and important profession on the planet, yet we do it blind, without training and alone. Not so long ago it was enough to feed, clothe, spoil and care for young children, to hold down a job and put a roof over their head, but today there is  much more to it. As parents we are recognising their rights and potential. We try to give them what we feel that we ourselves didn’t have, in terms of love, attention, values and time. As a result parents often overcompensate for what we feel are our downfalls. So who guides us? We only know what we have picked up or have been through ourselves, and we all carry different stories about that, but who helps us through this whole parenting process? And who can say that what we do is wrong or right? Often what we do is trial and error, but the high stakes that we work with are priceless. The children we birth and cherish bear the brunt of the best and the worst we are able to offer as their parents. Take a backwards glance at your own family and upbringing; you are either very similar to your parents or completely different. Look back further still at your grandparents and the relationships between both generations. How much unnecessary baggage was passed down? How has life altered between then and now? How much does past conditioning still influence your behaviour today?

GENERATIONS OF LOVE Because every generation has its own take on life; each believes it knows better and feels misunderstood, or unrecognised. Each wants to leave its own mark on society. Interestingly basic character foundations are set early in childhood when we are too young to discern right from wrong, true from false. Some of our deepest traits, likes, dislikes, beliefs and opinions are buried so deep that we never have cause to question their validity until such time as we interact with others at school, college, work or we want to form relationships of different types ourselves. Science is acknowledging that life has two definite aspects, that we are both spiritual (energy) and physical (matter) in nature. If you operate purely from the physical perspective of living and achieving, you’ll feel every lump, bump and problem on your journey’s path. If you are able to join both the spiritual and physical together properly, life becomes a whole new different ball game. The struggle disappears and suddenly you can see what’s really unfolding from a completely different perspective. You see the whole picture – rather than simply your personal viewpoint. You can then identify and refine how you connect or react in response to what is happening, according to what is necessary or needed, instead of battling blindly on your own at ground level… As a parent you can more easily discern your teen’s behaviour and act accordingly, steering the ship rather than helping to sink it.

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