Taoist Astrology with Grandmaster Mantak Chia – by Christine Harkness – Giles

Taoist Astrology is more commonly called Chinese Astrology, but it was Taoists in ancient China who came up with these astrological formulae from observation of life, nature and the cycles of the Cosmos thousands of years ago.

The 5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – their yin and yang phases and the relationships between them are the basis of Taoist arts. Calculations from your date of birth describe your own 5-element make-up and how pre-destined incoming cycles of elements affect your life. These cycles explain how people’s lives can change, sometimes dramatically, for the better or for the worse, as the elements come in to mix with the pattern which was established on your first breath of air.

It was after back pain, repeated sinus problems and asthma setting in that I discovered the world of alternate health treatments. I have met some interesting and indeed wonderful practitioners, many with a story of how they had cured themselves with their techniques. Several of these techniques did a lot of good and I incorporated many positives into my life. But it was Taoism that changed most for me. 20 years studying Chinese Metaphysics taught me that our home’s feng shui was of essential importance and something we could actually work on to change, to improve our lives. Meeting Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia and studying inner alchemy qi gong and meditations was the pivotal point which made very positive changes within me.

I thought about why some of these alternative treatments worked for some and not for others and why they worked at different times in one’s life. I had previously studied Chinese Astrology during the Chinese Metaphysics cursus but Master Chia’s readings using the rarer form of Inner Alchemy Astrology relate one’s natal chart astrology to achievement of the Taoist goals: health, wealth and longevity. And there are many Taoist tools in the box to help this quest: Traditional Chinese medicine, meditations, qi gong, feng shui, acupuncture, reflexology, tai chi and the martial arts, the Taoist abdominal massage Chi Nei Tsang, to name the most common. These Taoist arts all involve the 5 elements and equally so, looking at the 5 elements within yourself as expressed in your astrology is very revealing.

Inner Alchemy Astrology shows you how to harmonise your own 5 elements and with it your life, showing which of the five elements need boosting or weakening to diminish their impact, and explains why a certain career is very suitable for your or not. It will explain the types of relationships you will have with others, including that all important ‘marriage palace’ in your astrology chart. Comparing astrology charts shows their interaction and the compatibility, or lack of it, in social and family relationships. It can give you a better understanding of the challenges of your own health issues.

The five elements govern your emotions too, e.g. the wood element is connected to the liver and gall bladder and Taoists say that the energy expressed as the emotions of jealousy, anger, stress but also generosity and kindness are domiciled in the liver.

Wood also affects the eyes, and wood energy is the energy of vision. People rich in wood will have strong planning skills, artistic and writing capabilities. Large wood energy will give us artists, musicians, writers, publishers, lawyers, teachers, planners, and good salesmen. It is the energy of Spring and symbolised by plants growing upwards; it is an energy which comes from the East towards our planet. It is very useful in teaching and learning. Marina Silva is the Brazilian 2014 presidential candidate who was born into a poor rubber tapper’s family and only learnt to read at the age of 16, before then putting herself through college through working as a domestic and eventually entering politics. She has huge wood resources, hence her ability for long-term planning which has been an essential in her previous government post as Minister of the Environment. Wood energy is usually associated with a strong connection to nature, trees, vegetation and the environment and comes through in her commitment to sustainable development and efforts to preserve Brazil’s rainforest. As she was born in the rainforest, this has further nurtured her person, despite many health problems as a child. Her own ‘self-element’, referred to as the ‘day master’, is fire, which has the necessary charisma for political success and this fire is fed by large wood resources. Her present energy cycle shows further that she is in a decade of great working energy. Marina Silva has an exceptional astrology chart and this is mirrored in her exceptional life.

To calculate a simplified version of your own chart: http://www.universal-tao.com/InnerAlchemyAstrology/

And read Mantak Chia and Christine Harkness-Giles’ ‘Inner Alchemy Astrology – Techniques for Controlling your Destiny’ – published Inner Traditions.

Read an in-depth example of how Margaret Thatcher’s Taoist Astrology explains her life:


Read more on the Taoist practices in: https://www.kindredspirit.co.uk/articles/emotional-clearing-using-taoist-techniques

Mantak Chia’s astrology readings are often described as ‘life-changing’; he gives a limited number of astrology consultations to his students during his world teaching tours and he will be in London very soon. Contact Christineunitaolondon@gmail.com to arrange an appointment with Master Chia during his London visit or for a reading in London or by skype, or to studyInner Alchemy Astrology for yourself.


Mantak Chia will be teaching Taoist Basic PracticesInner Alchemy practices to energise your life and transform stress into vitality: 22nd & 23rd October, a 2-day Healing Love & Bone Marrow Nei Kungworkshop – 24th & 25th and 2 days of workshop 26th & 27th October 2016, on basic qi gong and Chi Nei Tsang self-massage. All events will be held at the Columbia Hotel, 95 -99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS.

There will be a day of Inner Alchemy talks and
 taster classes by local Taoist instructors including Inner Alchemy Astrology and Chi Nei Tsang massage – £5 – (10.30 – 17.30pm) 21st October,
 followed by an evening lecture by Mantak Chia himself “ “Awaken your healing light with the Tao – use Chi Kung, meditations & sexual energy to heal both mind & body.”  7 – 9pm £15/£10 booking strongly advised.

Further info: http://taoyoga.co.uk/mantak-chia-london

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